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  • ahha yes do that!
    and haha oh okay!! gotcha now! :) :) i live in maryland...like maybe 20-30 minutes away from baltimore... lol idk haha
    yeah! ive drawn it out like a lot and when i get it ill show it to ya! ;)
    omg omg omg!!!! guess what!!! i found a guy at my school whos fave band is COLDPLAY!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! :D okayy so i was in spanish class sitting nxt to him and i was just getting hw out 4rm my folder which has pics of coldplay on it (hehehehe) and it just occurred to me to ask him what his fave song was...he said he didn't know, he didn't have a fave, so then i asked him "then what's ur fave band or singer??" and he casually responded saying, "coldplay". okayyy at first i didn't know if i had heard him correctly...i was like "wait WHAT DID YOU SAY??!!!" hahaha it was funny cuz he got all scared that i had yelled. he then replied "uhhh coldplay". i was like NO FREAKIN WAY!!!!...you stole my band!!!!" he started laughing and i told him that i have never met anyone else who likes them too...well, you know personally :nice: i asked him who his fave member was and he said "well i think chris is cool" you can probably guess what happened after that: i got all excited and i told him that i was like really in love w/chris.hahaha it was the funniest thing cuz he looked at me all weird cuz i was all excited and i couldn't stop talking about chris. i asked him if he had ever been to a concert of theirs and he said no. i was like awwww tht sux, and i told him tht maybe we could go sumtime. THE END.
    was that a great story or what?? hehehehe :laugh3:
    i can't believe i hadn't followed u on twitter yet!!!! sry hehehe i didn't kno it was you :nice: i love ur sig btw...especially the quote hahahaha :laugh3:
    yep :D omgz X_x that isnt that long only like a month :shocked2: yayyy then we get 2 c chrissy again ^-^ but then we probably wont c him 4 like a year after they make another album and start their tour :\ but a year goes fast sometimes :p
    hehe okay!! :D
    oh thats awesome! she needs to get a coldplaying!!! unless she doesnt want one...
    oh april 11! ill have to remember! :D and wheres norcali?
    oh btw guess what!! on my bday im getting a coldplay tattoo :p :p
    ohh thats awesome!! next time you make some like that...if you do...please take a picture and show me! :wacky: hehe
    omg! what a coincidence!!! thats cool! when its our bday hopefully ill remember to wish her a happy one! :p :p when is your bday?
    oh yea i've had lots too :/ omg!! i can't believe the VIVA tour is over already!!! :cry: but but i'm excitedly anticipating the next!!!! :dance:
    o yes yes!!! i heard i heard!! i was thinking about getting tix, but idk if my mom would drive all the way 2 frisco...i doubt it :cry: but no, you should totally get tix!!!! i'll be prayin 4 youu...hopefully you'll get them!!!!! crossing fingers xxxxx
    yeah same here :) we should try 2 meet again also ;) but i never tell my parents anything so they dont even know im talking 2 u or have a cping :\ :p but we could try somehow :sneaky: XD
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