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  • yep i have a tumblr. if you want to follow me back tho... follow this blog... http://sheissohigh.tumblr.com/
    :D i dont post on that other default blog anymore.

    Oh wow! Well Congrats!! :dance: what an achievement! I really cannot wait to graduate, I'm so exited to get out and get a job too. Do you know what work you will be doing in August? :D Any plans during the summer?
    My summer is ok. Just working some at a store in the mall and spending time with my family before I go back to college in the fall.
    Hi Isabella! :D how have u been lately? I gave you a follow on tumblr since I have one too :D just in case your wondering who that is :nice:
    On Swedish Text-TV, I read that the HOPE for HAITI NOW gala will be broadcast on SVT1 (Swedish TV channel) tonight at 21:00.

    Happy New Year, Isabella! :dance:

    that's awesome!! Sweden seems like a place i would like to visit one day :nice: I live about 1 1/2 hours from Chicago... that's the closest major city to me. London, yes. I would love to live there in a couple years too :dance: I'm lucky enough to be spending some time over there this coming semester for school :nice:
    Sweet! Yah i think Isabella is my name in Spanish :thinking: my name is Elizabeth though, but most people call me Liz :D

    Oh yes he is! :wink3:
    And i love all Apparatchicks so im happy your a fan :hug:

    Where are you from?
    Hi! I take it your name is Isabella? :wacky:

    Just wanted to say hi since ive seen you posting in Guy's thread and the Apparatjik thread :D
    not really :\ there is a new one tho :) I think I'll have to go take a look in that one :D
    I'm looking for the single collction as well, they have it here, bit it's really expensive and again my dad doesn't want me to buy it ! he saw a store with a better prise in The netherlands . now I just have to wait unlil we go to the netherlands :p
    I really want to buy them on vinyl, but they don't have those here in belgium enless you buy them on the internet but my dad doesn't want me to do that :(
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