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  • I know where Hillsbourough is! That's probably an hour from me. And yes, I completely agree that the album is just lacking. And can they please take major minus out of the setlist?!? I'm over it. The live version of Charlie Brown is way better. I think what I don't like about the studio version is the beginning where Chris sings "stole a key" sooooo slowly. It really bothers me.
    I have a friend who lives there! Small world. I live in Northern California, about 20 minutes from San Francisco. Didn't you also write a thread about the studio version of Charlie Brown not being that great? I agreed with that as well. A little underwhelming.
    Your thread is so spot on about the album. I'm glad someone feels like I do! I see you live in Oregon! I live in California. Not too far! Haha.
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