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Recent content by Italian Plastic

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    Request: 'Will Champion teaching a masterclass for Rhythm Studios'

    Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUqRtHvHrZI Anyone have this video? this youtube link was taken down and the original facebook link is long gone. thanks!!
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    Criticisms with the album?

    I agree that ASFOS doesn't really fit in the album, I don't think the album is really that cohesive at all. tbh i like the ideas/atmosphere of the album more than I like the actual product. I disagree with the stuff said about ASFOS though After watching the Zane Lowe interview I realise that...
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    Criticisms with the album?

    You guys should remember that making music as a group doesn't just mean playing your own instruments...maybe think of it more like a table of writers contributing to a new episode of a sitcom? everyone's contributing to make something as great as possible. just because you can't hear Guy's bass...
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    Avicii remix Atlas

    Has he only played this live? He might have just thrown together a quick edit (or maybe a work in progress remix) of Atlas so he could play the song at his show without it ruining the vibe of his other music! DJ's do this a lot, but I don't know much about Avicii.
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    2014 Upcoming Releases

    hope Hudson Mohawke releases a solo one this year. Some of the songs that have been floating around for yeeears are incredible
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    Should Coldplay release LP6 without a single?

    The beyonce album has 2 singles, they just weren't released prior to the album
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    Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

    :surprised: thank you!!
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    Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

    HI SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG 1. This song sounds pretty 80s inspired. That's usually something that really gets on my nerves but I actually quite like this. There's a male vocalist with a pretty generic voice. The chorus and melodies are really nice. 2. A female vocalist that I recognise...
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    Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

    woah chris! umm to my mixtape maker i will probably do my review tomorrow...maybe
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    Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

    i'm finishing mine today but i think it's still the 24th over there so thanks time zones
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    Kanye West!

    it's so incredible
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    Arcade Fire

    i'm finding arcade fire very embarrassing atm
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    Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

    mega.co.nz is great and it'd be cool if more people used it so it's less obvious when im the only one using a .co.nz website :disappointed:
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    Mixtape Exchange #16 [Mixtapes due 25/11]

    im not rly busy but i am pretty lazy