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  • Thanks for your message, hadn't noticed your message until now:\
    I'm from Hong Kong and my favourite album is Parachutes:D
    What about you? :)
    OMG you are so lucky to have seen them so many times and to have been able to actually meet Chris and Jonny!! That would just be such a dream come true!! What question did you get to ask them? :D
    Oh, and I'll be seeing them for my first time this year on June 22nd...I've never been so excited about anything!! :D
    I like a lot of music, but notable artists are Laura Marling, Keane, Elton John, Arctic Monkeys, and recently ive been getting into jay z and kanye west
    Oh cool :) , It's so difficult to choose a favourite album, but I'd say MX or X&Y. Favourite song, umm... Probably In my place, every teardrop is a waterfall and speed of sound are the best for me :D what are your favourites?
    Oh thank you so much! I'll totally have to check them out! I love finding new bands and artists! :D And I can't really choose a fav CP album...I always rotate my favs on here. :D They are all just so great! However, if I absolutely had to choose, it'd probably be A Rush of Blood to the Head. It's really special to me because it is the CD that turned me into such an enormous fan. :) What about you?
    Sure! My name's Heather, but my middle name's Glyn, I go by either, so whichever one you like best. :D I'm 15, I live in America (a little outside of Dallas, TX to be exact), and I'm basically obsessed with Coldplay, Radiohead, Muse, and Broken Bells...my 4 favourite bands. :D What other bands do you like? :)
    Hey, Yea I'm jack :) Im 20 and I live in the UK also

    Hands down my favorite album for the last few months has been Mylo Xyloto, its addictive! My favourite song would have to be MX and Hurts like Heaven, thats kind of cheating but they MUST be played together lol
    How about yourself?
    umm 1. everythings not lost 2. warning sign 3.Til kingdom come 4. strawberry swing 5. up in flames/up with the birds

    what about you??

    haha yeah 3 shows this summer is gonna be good enough for me
    so good to know that..
    no, I haven't see them live but I'm a big fan since 2007.
    Swallowed in the sea is cool. It's relaxing. ^^
    the whole albums is awesome!

    iv been a fan since i first heard clocks in a wwe video haha so 2003

    your so lucky to have met them! and so many shows!

    yeah im planning on going to both vancouver shows and than make a drive down to seattle to shop and watch them again :p
    hello izzy love the name (if it is real) my favourite mylo xyloto song would have to be up in flames and yes i saw them in 09 both shows here in vancouver have you??
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