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  • Happy 2010, have a great year.
    Best wishes.
    make each day be full of joy.

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    Interesting, I may research that. The reason I messaged you before was because I wasn't quite sure how to judge you. I'm intrigued by things like your psychobabble that don't make sense at first glance.
    I have suffered body dysmorphic disorder since I was 15. I am now 28. The BDD is like anorexcia in a way, but I still have issues about the size of my head or face - like a drug addict, it never fully goes away.

    I appreciate you listening & reading my psychobabble on songmeanings. You can judge me if you know me so well. I can't change my spots & won't break out of my shell. They will commit me to a lifetime in hell.

    Here we go again: pardon my Semantic Pragmatic Disorder.
    So out of genuine curiosity I decided to skim trhough your posts on songmeanings.net. To say the least, I am very perplexed.

    Most of your posts, honestly don't make any sense at all:

    "ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (Steven Speilberg = WAR OF THE WORLDS) = My Army Of Birds & Gulls BETCHADUPA = Speed Of Sound = Kill Eye CROWDED HOUSE = Out Of Time - BLUR Think Tank - how's that for:

    ???xy10 - t - w - i - s -t - e -d l - o -g - i - c - yx01???

    '...Hundreds, of years in the future
    it could be computers
    looking for life on Earth...'"

    The most I can make-out is that you seem preoccupied with atheism, and apocalyptic conspiracy theories. But it's as if you can't spend more than 10 seconds expressing one thought before going on a tangent of random song lyrics and gobbledigook:

    666 hurricane in the usa deadliest in a century
    666 oil prices rising and falling
    666 empires crumbling and falling
    666 evolution vs creationism
    666 science fiction versus reality
    666 cultures versus cultures
    666 music genres vs music genre
    666 men fighting over women

    when will this MAD WORLD madness end ... x&y 1010101 THE MATRIX has no o.n.e ?

    do not lose your voice...you have a brain so use it - Travis 12 Memories"

    "Sorry Tom Moody (crap OZ cricket player btw ;) :) I meant Wright Bros - well spotted Mr Sale Of The Century - as The Price Is Never Right on my non-PHD 2 cents opinions...have a good day & go Aussie Aussie oi oi oi oi!!!! :) :)"

    The more comprehensible posts just seem more like indulgent, pretentious dribble:

    "Oh ok so the lyrics is LIGHT? I always concieved it my agnostic/atheist/cynical head (still a virgin very much urgin to stick it in & commit a sin) that it was LIE in the dark as in the opposite of TRUTH and/or lying in bed at night, alone, cold, you LIE while you are LYING in sorrow, weeping : ALONE ..."

    You seem like a pretty intelligent person who is on a permanent acid trip. I am not trying to be mean or condescending when I honestly ask: Do you have any serious mental conditions or a history of drug usage? Because I've never seen anyone with posts quite like yours. It's as if you're physically inhibited from saying things clearly without experiencing seizures that consequentially tear apart your sentences into fragments of lyrics, movie references, philosophical terminology and crude jokes.
    No I'm not. I thought the first Resident Evil movie was barable, but the others are dreadful, truly terrible movies. Buffy is the kind of Vampire story I hate. About a Boy is a great movie, but I don't see what you are getting at about the size of my buttocks or my liking of Hugh Grant (for the record I don't really like him)
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