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  • Oh how awful! :worried: That poor man. :disappointed:
    I'm sorry to hear about what's happening in your town. Unfortunately the town I live in is full of crime and criminals. :uneasy: It's ridiculous. Hopefully nothing like what's just happened will happen in your town again though. :(
    Ever since the Aurora, Colorado movie theatre shooting, I've been uneasy when I go to the cinema. Not to mention the fact that there's been a lot of scares recently, where people have been arrested for bringing weapons into the cinemas. :eek:

    On an unrelated good note though, I recently got a real job finally. :dance:
    And your concert is now in less than 2 weeks! :dazzled: Oh and this is completely random but I was so surprised when I heard Farewell to the Fairground by White Lies at a restaurant last night! It was such a nice change from the usual crap music that's played in restaurants. :D
    Oh my gosh!! :stunned: I'm so sorry to hear that something like that happened! :cry:
    I'm glad you got there when you did though, and that you weren't in the cinema at the same time with the murderer!! :eek:
    I hope they caught whoever did it. It's such a shame how you can't even go see a movie and be safe these days. :disappointed:
    OMG just two weeks?! That's SO soon!! :dance: Good luck on your exam! :) And hopefully that family weekend won't be so bad. :laugh3:
    But no, I haven't seen Star Trek: Into Darkness yet. I was going to go see it last weekend but my friends and I decided to go see Iron Man 3 instead. I'll probably go see Star Trek soon though. You'll have to tell me how it is!! :D
    Hey I'm sorry for how late I'm replying here. :uhoh:
    But yeah, I agree that their older stuff is the best. But yeah, Magnificent is great! I think Moment of Surrender is my 2nd favourite next to White as Show off NLOTH. : )
    And okay, cool! I hope they do release it September/October-ish. That'd be awesome! Then I'd have a new U2 album AND the return of The Walking Dead in October. :D I'm seriously excited for season 4!! :laugh3:
    So how many more days is it till your concert now? :dance:
    And about U2, even though like you said they are a bit of a guilty pleasure nowadays, I actually must admit I've always loved their music! They're not my top band or anything by any means, but I do think that they are musically brilliant. :) So yeah, I'm excited for their upcoming album, as well! :wacko: I even love their newer stuff! (Which, I have yet to find anyone who even remotely likes they're newer stuff, but anyway...:uhoh:) But I've got to admit, I actually really do like it. My favourite track on No Line On The Horizon is White As Snow. What do you think of No Line and their newer stuff in general?
    Speaking of, which month are they releasing their next album?
    Yes, it was a true honour to get Cut A Hole live! Such an incredible rarity!! :wacky: I was also surprised by These Are My Twisted Words, which sounds amazing live, as well!! :wideeyed: My setlist was perfect, really. I got a little bit of just about everything, and all my favourites from In Rainbows & HTTT, and towards the end, I can remember saying to my brother-in-law, "If they'd just play an OK Computer track now my life would be complete." And then they played Paranoid Android!! :dance: And then I died. :dead: :lol: So yeah, it was an outstanding concert! I hope you get to see them live someday, too. They're the best!
    Speaking of ridiculously awesome live acts though, your Muse concert is SOOOO soon! You must be super excited! :cheesy: I haven't looked at their setlists in ages so when you tell me about your show I'll be just as surprised by what they end up playing as you! :D
    Yeah, I agree it's highly improbable. :( But oh well. I'm excited for whatever it will be! And if it's true that it might be sort of like a mix of their albums, that would be SUPER AMAZING, too. :nod: That's cool OK Computer is definitely your favourite album! Deep down, I think it's my favourite, as well, but then I listen to In Rainbows and The Bends and I feel so conflicted. :laugh3: But yes! It would be absolutely amazing if Follow Me Around were released on this album!! :D And yeah, the new songs from last year were amazing! I can remember them debuting Identikit & Cut A Hole at my concert last year, and it was really awesome. :wacky:
    David Tennant is definitely my favourite Doctor. :) I like Matt Smith okay, but I think I was just so sad when David Tennant was gone that I haven't really been able to get nearly as attached to Matt Smith yet.
    I think you'll like the old series too if you ever do get around to watching it someday. :happy:
    Okay, I was just wondering if you had heard anything about Radiohead's upcoming album because I have been seeing some people on Twitter saying it's supposed to have some somewhat OK Computer-like aspects to it. Sometimes people on Twitter don't know what they're talking about, but I couldn't help but get my hopes up because OK Computer is my favourite (well, one of my favourite) albums, so if what they're saying is true, I'll probably just die of happiness. :dance: It's probably just some goofy rumour though, because I haven't heard anything else about it being OK Computer-y besides from those certain Twitter people. :disappointed:
    Awesome!! I love Doctor Who, too. :D Who's your favourite Doctor?
    I really like Sherlock, as well, but I can understand you being put off by all of the fangirly stuff. It actually really annoys me, too! Like, Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor, but I don't get how girls are obsessed with him. :confused: I grew up watching the old Sherlock Holmes series with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock as well as reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories, so I've been a huge Sherlock fan for years. Then when the new series came out, it took me awhile to accept that it was set in modern times, but once I started watching it, I really liked it. :nod:
    And aww!!!! :cheesy: Your new cat sounds too cute. :heart: I love cats! Actually have four of my own (hopefully that doesn't make me sound too insane...:uhoh: :lol:)
    So have you named her yet? :)
    Also, I was wondering if you've heard anything more about Radiohead's upcoming album? :wacko:
    I'm really sorry for my super late reply...I had replied days ago on my cell phone and only just now realised it apparently hadn't actually posted. :uhoh: My phone is ridiculous about not working right a lot of times on these forums, sorry. : (
    As for who my favourite Heroes characters are, I haven't really watched enough to decide yet. I'll finally have some free time this weekend to hopefully get a lot farther into season 1, so I'll let you know what I think then. :D
    Speaking of TV shows, do you happen to like Doctor Who or Sherlock?
    I could never even begin to explain how jealous I will be of anyone who gets Muscle Museum live!! :lol: It's been an obsession of mine for ages.
    Oh and this is off the subject, but I thought you might like to know that I've FINALLY begun watching Heroes (I'm a couple of episodes into it now) and I'm really liking it! The characters are super interesting. It's definitely my kind of show. :wacky: I've just got to make time to watch it because one of my friends who I've been trying to get to watch Lost for ages now finally wanted to start watching it, so I've been re-watching Lost with her again recently, too. Although, I'm actually enjoying Lost even better the 2nd time. It's such a great show!! :awesome:
    Awesome! I'm glad you liked the video, too. :awesome: I just thought it was brilliant. :laugh3: I love their weirdness!! :lol: It's probably my favourite thing on YouTube at the moment. :nod:
    I noticed Dom's tweet about the North American tour having just ended. He said it's been "swell." :lol: But anyway, seeing that reminded me that your concert is coming up SO soon!! I'm excited to hear what kind of setlist you get!! :dance: That's cool you're not gonna be looking at the setlists though to be as surprised as possible. :D
    The fact that they soundchecked Blackout is very exciting! And I knew about Dead Star again, but I actually was not aware that they played Micro Cuts!!!! :eek: I WOULD HAVE DIED. :laugh3:
    And really?! I didn't know about one of them tweeting about possibly playing Muscle Museum in the summer! :eek: It must have been Chris. He tweets far more than Matt & Dom so sometimes I miss some of his tweets.
    I know you mentioned before that you're not one to watch a lot of music videos, but I was wondering if you've seen the Panic Station video? I personally found it quite amusing. :lol:
    Haha sorry :whistle:
    Yeah, I missed some cool acts, even if they were there and didn't have some problems like Biffy Clyro and Lou Reed, I was just so exhausted and you have to choose between different acts and that's just how it is. (I hope the singer gets better btw :()

    Damon is always indecisive about everything, it's so annoying :p
    I don't think he'd ever give up on something forever. I have lots of hope. And I'm grateful that I got to see my favorite band.

    Most of the bands I checked out at Coachella I only knew a few songs, one song, or just heard they were really good. And it almost always worked out for the best. Don't limit yourself to just bands you know quite well and use this as a way to come home with new music! :wacky:
    Ooh, just googled And So I Watch You From Afar, never heard of them :surprised:
    It was awesome :wacko: it wasn't a OMG LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE, especially considering how much it costs and hotels and all, but it definitely won't be my last Coachella. :wacky:



    I saw Jake Bugg first, I didn't really know any of his songs but I knew he was good looking (:whistle:) so I pushed myself to the second row (:whistle:) and I really enjoyed his songs, has this really nice '60s folky vibe mixed with Arctic Monkeys, have been playing his album non-stop now!


    And then Johnny Marr came after him and I was moved up to the front it was sooo awesome, he even played a few Smiths songs. Alt-J was next and I was in the very front, but I was so thirsty so I went to get water, when I came back, there was such a crowd I just gave up and watched it from the screens from afar, I was like 'dammit' :disappointed:, but my health is most important and I can catch them another time. I actually got sick after Coachella because I had very little sleep and was dehydrated, messed up my immunity, so it was really for the best that I got some water.
    Uhh then I saw Local Natives because it was the only name I knew in that time slot, but I didn't know any of the songs and the whole crowd were such big fans, they knew the words to every song, so that makes the atmosphere really good but it also makes you feel really awkward hah :uhoh: they're alright, their songs are kinda forgettable but they're a good band to dance to

    Then I saw Yeah Yeah Yeahs, they were kinda cool too, they had GIANT eyeball balloons bouncing around in the crowd and Karen O was so crazy. But omg The Stone Roses were next and I pushed my way forward as much as I can (not literally shoving haha as some people did, just sneaking into gaps in the crowd and nicely asking tall people if I could move in front of them) and Ian didn't make anyone cry with his horrendous singing! He just sang average haha that is quite an achievement for him and I danced through every song :wacky:

    and then Blur was next and I was in the second row, they played Death of a Party which I don't think they've played in a long time :wacky: and Sing and Caramel omg they are heavenly to hear live :wacky: Alex was wearing pink Beatle boots :awesome: and everyone there was wearing Fred Perry shirts omg it was an army of Fred Perry


    I had so much fun :wacky:

    I love Blur so much, I can't believe how quickly the concert went by though, I wish I could see them play every night :bigcry:

    anyway, that's how I left off Friday, Saturday we were exhausted from a 20-hour day so we decided to arrive later, like 3pm, I was gonna go to the Harlem Shake dude just to dance with people on that song, but then I was like nah not worth it
    uhh then we walked around and we saw Violent Femmes, they played their debut in its entirety, they were sooo much fun! I saw Cafe Tacvba for a bit, not real close though, I got exhausted. Singing in Spanish sounds really nice.

    Ooh, then I saw Yeasayer :awesome: So so so so so good :bomb:

    Ummm then my mom wanted to see Benny Benassi, massive massive crowd in this big raver tent, could barely see the stage but the light show was so impressive it wasn't even necessary

    Then I saw the xx!! Such a massive massive crowd :bigcry: but I managed to push myself into where I could see the stage and the band well enough. Some guy let me stand on his shoulders to see perfectly, but I really hate those girls who stand on people's shoulders and ruin poor everyone else's view, so I got off after a minute or so. I only saw like 30 minutes because I couldn't miss Janelle Monae. I almost regretted it at first, because I was really into the xx's show, but omg Janelle's show was twice as good :awesome: a decent sized, intimate crowd, and everyone was dancing, and Janelle is soooo beautiful (:whistle:) and she crowdsurfed her way to the very back so that even the people who were forced to watch the screen instead from a distance could see her up close. What a performer she is!!

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