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  • Umm, then I saw Sigur Ros, kinda bummed out that I missed New Order but Sigur Ros is a band I've loved since I first started caring about music, so they're priority. They were great.

    Sunday was a short day, we came in at 3 and left at 9. We had to drive for so long to get home (3 hours) and my mom would've nearly passed out if we stayed past midnight like the other two nights so it was really for the best.
    I saw Jessie Ware first because someone told me to see her. She has a cool personality but her songs are boring. Boo.

    Grimes was next and jesus shit her fans are annoying, I was trying to talk to them and they had such a terrible attitude and they were loud and throwing things and taking up space to take pictures of each other, I'm sure that that's not all Grimes fans and just my experience but I was trying to enjoy the show come on :disappointed: I was hoping she would play some of her older songs because her new songs just sound all the same to me but nah she didn't.

    Then I saw Dinosaur Jr. They're alright. They covered Lovesong. Lots of 20-somethings moshing in the front and old people with long hair nodding their heads in the back. I just saw them because they weren't Alex Clare and they weren't the Lumineers.

    James Blake was zzZz (I only went to see him because Fran told me he was hot :whistle:)

    Tame Impala was boring as shit.

    I didn't know what to see next, I just knew that I didn't want to see Vampire Weekend as I've already seen them once when I was around 13 and I was so over their sound.

    So I saw some artist called Pretty Lights, who I assumed from the name would be some indie bullshit, actually ended up being some dubstep-hip hop-electronic-house music sort of thing, and good one at that, probably the only crowd where people had some serious energy and EVERYONE danced like there was no tomorrow. Wu-Tang came after them and I left my good place to check out Nick Cave for a few minutes, another regret.
    Nick Cave was pretty boring. When I was running back to see him, he was already playing Jubilee Street, my favorite song, and it didn't have near as much energy as it does in the studio so I was like 'aw' :disappointed: I tried to enjoy the show but ultimately the songs were so motonomous, probably even more to my mom, who kept making passing remarks like "Nick Cave? He looks like he came out of a cave" "What kind of bad seeds are these people eating" "He looks like a donkey" etc. etc. It was hilarious.

    When I came back to see Wu-Tang, no joke, close to 100,000 people were in the crowd, it stretched so far that I couldn't even see the very top of the stage from where I was, let alone the screens. I got fairly upset. Then my mom said we had to go anyway, so I got even more upset. But I got over it.

    It was an awesome experience. I had some stuff to write about our hotel but I don't want to spill over into a second page :anxious:
    Yeah, Locke and Ben Linus are very interesting characters. Especially Ben. I always feel mad at him, then bad for him...such a great character.
    Really? That's great! I've been wanting to rewatch it for so long. Yeah, Charlie, Desmond, and Richard and my favourites. But Charlie is the awesome!
    I rarely ever post outside the off-topic part of the forum so dunno
    Your username is a band name too, we should tell people that Coldplay and James are doing an album together
    Why do I reply so slowly

    Yeah, maybe you should listen to a playlist beforehand so you know at least one song from every band there? And then you have some time to make some discoveries that will make you excited. I'm listening to this playlist for all the Coachella bands rn and I didn't realize how awesome so many of the bands are :awesome:

    I don't care about the quality hahaha! Just wanna see that you're having fun :wacko:

    I love this username to bits omg
    Why, does someone else want it?
    Oh my gosh the story behind that drawing is so awesome!! :lol:

    But yeah, the finale aired on Easter night!! They were showing every episode of season 3 from Saturday to Sunday, so I decided to try to watch them all so that I could be officially caught up and watch the finale live and hopefully avoid spoilers. Well THAT MORNING a storm comes and fries our TV receiver (what are the bloody odds?! :confused:) so we were unable to record them, which meant I had to watch all 16 hours live over the weekend, and so I was rushing around during commercial breaks because I couldn't rewind or anything. :laugh3: It was totally worth it though! Plus, there's a certain character in Season 3 who is super cool. I never really had a favourite character in the show but now I do! :nod:
    And OMG is your Muse concert really just in two months?! :eek: I can't believe June is coming up so quick. :stunned: You must be quite excited. :dance:
    Oh, nice! :cheesy: So is she trying to begin a new sort of "theme" of avatars on here, or is she just doing random sketches for those who ask or what? :)

    Oh! And I just watched Season 3 of The Walking Dead over the weekend (yep, 16 whole hours of Walking Dead in one weekend...holy crap I have a problem!! :eek: :lol:) and I just have to say that it is BY FAR the best season yet! If you loved the others, you will be absolutely amazed by this season. :nod: Every single episode is just so ridiculously awesome! :wacky:
    Well in a way that's good, because you get to discover new music in the best way: seeing the bands actually play! :cheesy:

    Yeah I'm not big fans of all of those bands, but the ones I'm interested in I've heard a few songs before and I like the sound. So will check it out :nod:

    We should take some pictures and send them to each other (not necessarily pictures of us, but just to see how it's like there :wacky:)

    Btw just realized that you changed your new username (kinda stupid cos I feel like you changed it a long while ago), nice!
    Definitely the Stone Roses, Sigur Ros, The xx, Janelle Monae, Johnny Marr, New Order, Nick Cave, Polica

    And I'm interested in Lou Reed, Deap Vally, DIIV, Dinosaur Jr, Biffy Clyro, Foals, Four Tet, Grimes, Hot Chip, James Blake, Jamie xx, Jessie Ware, Lou Reed, Social Distortion, Vampire Weekend, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, RHCP

    So overall I think I did a good job going :p

    What about you with Reading Festival?
    Second :nod: I was gonna go to the first but you save $50 a ticket by going to the second one so I thought why the hell not.
    I knowww :sad: well I haven't really been on here for like a month so I guess that's why. It just feels really nice to not be on here every day :nod:
    :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: no I'm not freaking out about seeing Blur :bomb: :bomb: :bomb:
    Awesome! Yeah you did tell me that. Have a great time!
    (P.S. Why is the Reading festival so closely linked to the Leeds festival, out of curiosity?)
    Okay, so I wrote you a detailed report of my first Muse concert in a PM! Sorry it's so long!! But Muse is just so amazing live I could seriously just go on forever and ever without stopping. :laugh3: I'll tell you about my 2nd Muse concert, too, but I'll try to keep it shorter than the last PM I sent you. :) Oh my God, my life is seriously changed by these concerts! I LOVE MUSE SO MUCH!! :heart:
    Oh and sorry for any typos or misspellings or anything of that sort in my typing...I typed it all so fast and I may have made some mistakes. :rolleyes:
    I just asked and one of my friends has the complete box set and said I could borrow it. :D I'll start watching it soon and let you know what I think. :)
    Oh yeah and I'm listening to Stereophonics' new album right now. I'm really liking it. :nod:
    OH!!!! And did you hear (I'm sure you did) that Radiohead is going to start recording a new album this Fall?! :dance:
    I've heard a lot of people say that show is really awesome! I'll probably watch it at some point then. Maybe one of my friends has the DVDS. :) How many seasons were there, btw? I really will try to watch it, but my friends are pretty much forcing me to watch Justified and Boardwalk Empire right now and I'm also watching that new show The Following so I'm kinda overloaded with shows to watch at the moment. :laugh3:
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