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  • Hey Josh, Happy Holidays from me & Kev! Hope you have a great New Year and hope we get to see you at a gig again before too long....
    I'm so glad Kev found you- And he met your parents! My kids got pretty wet on the lawn so we left a little early. My 8 year old couldn't have cared less though-he was So stoked. He loved Coldplay and The Bones Of You by Elbow is one of his favorite songs so he was still rocking out as we were leaving. What did your parents think? And we missed ya in the pit!
    :lol: ! thats not lame! And yes i do go to Ball State.....im going to be a sophmore....but i live my family and stuff is from Elkhart, so thats where im at during the summer and holidays! :D small world! ;)
    and im getting SO SO SO tempted to buy a pit ticket for the St. Louis show :bomb: they stil have them available....i just checked :bomb:! :dead: but i know i prolly most defenitely cannot :( im too broke! :p and have no way of getting there..........still its so tempting :bomb:
    :( sadly i cant go to any more shows right now! :bigcry: i am still a poor college student so i seriously cant afford those shows.....but i wish i could, bc that whole group of coldplayers was SO much fun! and of course its Coldplay! i always want to see them! :p
    but i will def. have to see your guy's reviews and pics from those shows.....ill be rooting for u all to have loads of Coldplay karma then too! :dance:
    I imagine you are coming to Alpine Josh? Indy was awesome and I am sorry if my filming got in the way for you guys throughout the show
    I knew your pics were going to be great...I love the ones where real Chris is just a little ahead of screen Chris...awesome effect. And the one with Jonny & Guy grinning at each other is my favorite! Thanks for posting them to us and for being so much fun!!
    I know! It was a blast with everyone!!! :D:D:D sadly no...... :( ive seen them 3 times this year so this was my last one until a new album comes out :( whenever that will be! I take it you have more shows coming up then?!
    Hey Josh! My name is Liz and im going to be in the pit at the Indy show too! :D :D I was thinking of showing up at 3:30 or soemting for the line for the pit, thats about the same time i got to the DC show for the pit and we got front row! :D Have u been to this Indy venue b4?! are u thinking that should be early enough for us coldplayers to get front row?!
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