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  • I'm glad to hear that! I plan to go to both San Jose shows and then fly to DC to see them on my birthday in July! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get people to go see them! Grrr!
    Hi Jen, I've entered to win the Ellen tickets - it's from Coldplay.com so I don't think it should affect me going to the 12 Days show or our make-up show in January. I hope not! And I'm trying to win the KROQ tickets, too...too stressful for me. But I really really want to go to the KROQ show, the studio only holds about 75 people, and they're doing a Q&A with audience members...I even emailed the morning dj's at KROQ basically begging to go...pathetic, I know. But this morning, they did 2 give-aways and said they wanted the tix to go to "real" fans, so I did my best to convince them that I'm a "real" fan. LOL Hope you're doing well - we are busy with the kids and school and sports and all right now :) The usual good stuff... Take care
    Yeah, it has become over the top with people hating the song. It's just a song! They could have cured cancer by now with how much they have picked it apart. It's not my favorite, but it isn't terrible and I have been playing it in my car a lot!

    I handle workers comp claims now. When someone gets hurt and files a claim, I see it through until it closes.

    You're so lucky you're going to ACL. I'm dying to see the guys again. Have you heard their other songs? charlie brown and us against the world are amazing!
    Hi Jen! Yeah, now I really wish I could go to ACL. Too bad school starts in mid-August. It's devastating when you've been positive you're seeing Coldplay this year (on the first U.S. show of the tour) and then some idiotic scheduling rips your heart out.
    Hey Jen, how have you been? How are you liking all this new Coldplay? Oh, I have a new job. I've had it since end of February. I'm really enjoying it.
    thanks !
    I hope you got a great start of the new year aswell ! :nice:

    I noticed you didn't get yours yet, I hope you'll get it really soon ! :hug:
    I believe Glee returns February 8. I love it, too! I'm sad that they're graduating this current cast next year. It won't be the same!
    I'm good! Just doing the job search. I'm looking outside of California right now. I actually have interest in a job that is in Seattle. I'm hoping for the best with it. I want to be able to buy a house before the age of 40 and in California that isn't really possible. I know I have 15 years, but still! haha. Nothing else really going on. I know you must be busy with two little ones. Did you see Coldplay are doing festival shows in the summer in Europe? I wish I could go! I want to go to Portugal or Spain. That would be AWESOME!
    Girrrrl, you were on just YESTERDAY and you didn't say 'hey??????' I'm offended! How are you?

    and EWWW to Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy having a kid! She gets passed around like a party favor!
    Hi Jen :cheesy:
    Merry X-mas first of all (sorry that I'm 2 days too late :/)
    I just want to say , I LOVED YOUR CARD ! :wacky: !!
    It's so beautiful ! :heart:

    btw, my real name is Noémie ;)
    Hi Jen :shy: just come here to wish you a happy new year!

    You were my SS last year, i miss to chat with you :( sorry my bad
    Hi! Thanks for the Birthday wishes! :D

    I think i'm going to postpone the beatles week... a few people had to back out, and there's still 1/2 the albums left to be done.

    I'd rather it be something really great, than half-assed :lol:
    Good chat, Jen! So glad we caught up a little! I will definitely check out your tumblr. I'm off to bed, too! Take care <3
    Another person I can talk to about Glee! And how great is Modern Family? I loved Glee this week. My 13 year old self is now complete haha. Cheerleader Brittany is my favorite character and girl can dance! I feel like they've made Rachel Berry just a plain old brat and last season, she was a pain, but she was also sweet. Like, I wanted to root for her last season and this season, I just want to punch her. I also watch Jersey Shore (I KNOW!), Real Housewives, Law and Order, Teen Mom, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, and Chelsea Lately.
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