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  • haha I wish you clever one! No I am just trying to put as little weight on it as possible for now. But it's my bad ankle, I've rolled it too many times to count. You do know what tomorrow is! And while it is St. Patrick's day, thats NOT what I meant. The doctor is waiting to hear about how your 'treatment' went! ;)
    I think we writers here should do a HUGE collaboration story for Chris's birthday with lots of Buckin' love in it and it will be amazingness

    But now I really have to sleep, I hope you understand what I'm trying to explain in the PM :lol:

    Good night... or day, I don't know the time at your place :surprised:
    Ermmm....No. You see, I got a new computer, and the documents were all spread out. But I could try to find the links to the chapters for you.
    But you don't have to copy my style...I chose you because your historical fics are the best and I think your Chris and Guy are pretty similar to mine.

    To tell you the truth, though, I'm not sure about the ending. Eventually, I wanted them to be together, but I didn't know if I should have one of them die at the end. :p Too angsty, I think.

    I know, I miss you guys too. I think I'll visit soon.
    Hi, Di. Long time, no see!
    So, how are you?

    Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to adopt Spring & Winter and make it your own story. I don't think I can give it the ending it deserves anymore since I've been away so long. So if you wanted to continue it, I'd be really grateful because I still feel badly for leaving it unfinished.
    Hi Diana! I just wanted to say hi! And hey I saw The Strokes friday night! I couldn't help look at Fab and think of all those wonderful stories I use to read about him and Guy that you wrote lol
    Hey Di, I was just wondering when is your birthday? I never remembered seeing anyone wishing you one.... Weird and random question I know.
    Well, for me it went rather well, but some important things came to my mind when I was finished and not able to write them down additionally :dozey: Oh well :rolleyes:
    And we get the results in about 2 months. BUT we only get the marks, not the written exam itself. I would like to see the possible mistakes I made, but we're only able to look at our exam after 15 (!!!) years. How stupid is that? And I don't even understand that rule, and neither my teachers! :lol:
    Aw. your so sweet! :hug: well im back home now and have an extra long summer vaca ahead of me. we should catch up soon! i missed my coldplay and apparatjik chicks :D

    and yah, chris... god! that boi :bomb: well i didnt actually meet him so need to be too jealous hahaha
    and i know!:bomb: i cant believe it, i LOVE the stokes. i really hope they have a signing table at Lollapalooza. Hey you could always get a ticket for Lolla. SO many great bands this year

    ttyl :kiss:
    woa WOAH! :stunned::sweatdrop: That... phew! *fans self* That was some hot stuff! :sweatdrop: and Chris and Guy together in general is some slash-tastic mixture :wink3:

    Okay, I'm really tired now, but I will still review this hot piece of story:

    - I LOVE Guy's behaviour and how you make him seem all cool and not-caring about Chris, but inside he's just as desperate as Chris himself
    - You described Chris' worrying character perfectly, he always thinks too much, doesn't he? :lol:
    - I really like the sceneries (hot room, storm, lightnings (you know I love lightnings :wacky:)) and the way one can actually see them, because you describe them so lively

    To make it short: THE INCIDENT is very hot, very mysteriously at the beginning and builds up even more hotness until the end and like, make slash fangirls explode :D


    And I'll save up the rest of the stories for tomorrow :) Good night, Dianna :kiss:
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