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  • I'm sorry to hear they're not touring your country!! :( That really does suck. I'm sure you'll get to see them one day though!! I got to see them for my first time on June 22nd actually!! They are AMAZING live. But they're getting more and more popular all over so I'll bet next tour they may very well be broadening their travels so hopefully you'll be able to get your wish of seeing them then. :nice: And just think--by next tour, there'll probably be a new album! It's so exciting to me to think that I still have so much material from my favourite bands/artists to look forward to in the future! :dance:
    Sure!! Hope you love Broken Bells as much as I do! :) You'll have to let me know what you think of them once you hear them. : )
    So here's a random question: have you gotten to see CP on the MX tour yet? :D
    Hello there! Well I'm very happy I was able to suggest a band you now really love. :nice: "The Shins" are incredible, but to me "Broken Bells" are every bit as awesome in their own way. As you probably know, the lead singer of The Shins is named James Mercer, and he went on to form a band with a guy named Brian Burton (who is better known as "Danger Mouse" as a songwriter & musician) which is now Broken Bells. The band consists only of these two, except for on tour where they have a full band. I really think you'll love Broken Bells if you love The Shins because having the same lead singer, both bands have that unique Indie sound, but are also set apart by a uniqueness of their own, as well.
    And thanks for asking! I love spreading the word about my favourite bands. :D
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