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  • Getting paid to sit down. How I envy your life:p
    I love it too. Its so good you like it. Christian Bale is amazing!!!!
    Comedy is funny!(Duh:thinking:), and good, I had you for an action bloke too:p
    I like comedy films but I tend to forget which ones Ive watched, The one that always comes to mind is Friday, Haha, that makes you laugh alot. But rcently I like films where you think alot, not too much but just brilliantly directed, like Christpher Nolan Movies, you know he directed the Prestige and Batman begins, Dark Knight.He is really good!!
    Yeah, I know you can, sometimes I log on before school, your logged on, go school, come back, and your still here, as if I went toilet for a few minutes:p

    By the way hows work?
    And have you seen the Prestige, I cant stop going on about that movie, I pestered my freinds about it, even Ahlem here, I seriously love the film and need someone ti talk about it too:laugh3: What kind of movies do you like?
    Maybe, thers only one way to find out:p

    So you have facebook? Do you go on it regualary, like so ma of my freinds are hooked on the site, for hours and hours they do that. But its different case with Coldplaying.com, right:p
    You're an office assistant, so probably you're sitting in front of the computer all the time...? I guess that's why you're always online :p

    So, right now you're on CPing.com while working? :uhoh: How smart :lol:
    Girls night out? Mebeh :D :dance:

    Yeah not to far from there. We talked about coming down to SD to do the zoo one day...not sure yet
    I know! Crazy! Things are good. Getting ridiculously excited - Mich is going to be visiting in 11 days! :dance: It's going to be so much fun :D

    Did I tell you I'm coming to So Cal in June?? :thinking: Coming to visit the rents...we'll be in the same time zone! :idea2: Except I probably won't be around much :shame:
    Hahhahahaha! I remember my 21st - I didn't even get carded :shame:

    Glad it was a good one. One step closer to drinking a pint together in London :D
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