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  • hey karen! I didn't know if you'd like it as it doesn't really contain many gifts :) I spent a lot of time on the pack though so hopefully you can see it! I've made reference to the concert a few times, 10/6/12 manchester. I was maybe going to put more in but decided to try include a few of each, though some patterns were extra rare and only found a few. did you received the package before christmas or later? I posted in time, atleast I thought i did :(

    Thank you!

    Decided to send a little taste of home to my match, but as we Brits are not known for our cuisine, he might not enjoy it :lol:
    Hey....pretty good thanks....have you got my card? ;)

    Are you on Facebook? Would be much easier to show you pics and stuff...tell you what I'm doing :D

    Anyway...how about you? ;) Everything fine?
    .... you know that tumblr is from Keka don't you? is chrismaniac in coldplaying, chek it again! and yeah it's a great place:),

    (Chris in my Room)
    Hey thanks yes we do have lots of carnival music which is called soca or calypso. But we also have lots of reggae as well. That's like the music associated with the caribbean islands but then you'll get all the international songs just the same as though you were in the US or Europe.

    Have you ever visited a caribbean island before
    thank you karen, it was a great day! and meetin the boys was mindblowin! it will be on xmas day bbc1 at 2 pm
    p.s thank you for my card have u recieved ur's yet?
    hello karen, sorry so late to reply,has been alot going on of late, but yes if you still have a spare card that would be very nice of you :)
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