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    O (reprise) - your review

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    A Sky Full Of Stars - Music Video edit: sorry for posting again, i didnt see
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    Criticisms with the album?

    You know what happens to those who refuse to "go along with the world"? They vanish. What I mean is, in everything and I mean everything, if you don't "evolve" you're left behind. Our world is mad and it's in constant changing. For example, industry, once they were manual, now they're all...
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    Criticisms with the album?

    Maybe I didn't explain myself right because english isn't my main language, but I'll try my best. 1 - I was refering to us, coldplayers. So far from what I saw people were loving the tracks and now I don't see that anymore. I find it a little weird. But maybe it's just my impression, idk. 2 - I...
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    coldplay portugal

    Adoro, principalmente ao vivo *-*
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    Criticisms with the album?

    haha I gave that title on purpose. When I said that, I didn't mean rage songs but songs like Charlie Brown. (Although there's ASFOS, but one case in nine)
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    coldplay portugal

    Sim, é mais ao contrário XD :laugh3: Qual é a tua música favorita dos coldplay?
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    Post pictures of the gorgeous Chris

    The last pic tho XD
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    coldplay portugal

    Olá! Bem-vindo de novo :P
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    It's so weird.
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    Hi Guys!

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    Criticisms with the album?

    Things I don't understand: 1 - We heard the album (eg: live versions) before it release and only now, after the release, people start complaning that the album sucks? I mean if it's bad now, then should be before, I guess, and I don't remember seeing any or such "hate". 2 - The album is about a...
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    Hello everyone!

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    Hi there