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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Yeah there's a show tonight in London, apparently it will be filmed as well. Where did you hear from the gig on Wednesday though? Haven't heard anything about that one.
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    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Fly On vs Trouble in Town
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but Chris said that they'll play "about seven little performances" during this album cycle/"tour" (source at 16:20) View: Any ideas of what shows count or if there are rumours about new shows coming up? Do you guys...
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    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    Hope that everyone who were lucky enough to get in has fun. One of the most unique venues they've played for sure. Any people from here attending? Is it true that someone from here got a ticket today? :eek: Anyways will be interesting to see if they'll change up the setlist. Life In...
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    Everyday Life - Live in Jordan on YouTube 22 Nov

    Sparks!!! View:
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    Everyday life - the track - Sunset

    Easily my favourite song of the three. Very beautiful, might be in my top 5 favourite Coldplay songs. Sounds pretty timeless to me, the lyrics pretty emotional and touching imo, especially "Am I the future or the history" and "Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies" fit so well. A solid...
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Well, wasn't expecting them to sound like that. Well, I feel like I say that every time Coldplay puts out something new. A little weird that they are two short albums, seems more like a marketing strategy unless the two albums turn out to be sonically very different. Orphans: Quite tribal-like...
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    I don't know if somebody has already brought this up, but how funny would it be if this old jokelike song "I Am Your Baby's Daddy" they made would turn out to be "Daddy" :joy: View:
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    War of the Coldplay Songs

    Gravity vs Ghost Story
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Sunrise and Sunset are pretty great for the names of the albums, but Everyday Life sounds, well a little bit mundane to me. I think many of the song titles in the Amazon's listing sound a little weak and simple. Sunrise, Trouble in Town, When I need a Friend, Old Friends and Orphans are pretty...
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    Everyday Life Tour Setlist speculation

    It will be interesting to see how they will tour the albums and what what will be the overall theme and vibe of the albums. If it would be something like Ghost Stories tour, in smaller venues, I could see them them dropping many "hits" in favour of performing a lot of stuff from the albums and a...
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    Los Unidades

    I was thinking if this would be Coldplay's sideproject where they would release unreleased/old tracks. Los Unidades was still signed, so I don't think it's just an album under Coldplay’s name. Imagine guys if they would do an Unsold Ideas tour under Los Unidades, where they would do only small...
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    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    EDIT. Saw not until now that this was posted on the LP8 thread already, but I'm gonna leave it here anyways Just stumbled upon this. I now they are supposed to be in hiatus until 2021 as far as touring was concerned, so no idea if this is legit or not, but this tweet w/ video claims that...
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    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    My thoughts on the film: