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  • your avi is amazing, mike is trying to win tix for me to come to one of the chicago shows, i still cant commit right now but who know what will happen in the next 9 months
    Heya :)
    Completely missed you VM on my profile ;)
    Yep, been to London to see them at the iTunes Festival, everything was extemely short notice :laugh3:
    Have you seen my videos yet?? Esp. the one from Fix You! You can literally see Chris's sweat dripping off his chin like from a leaking tap :D
    It was really hot in there ... :\
    I am not a festival person, I was just gonna wait and catch all the Florida show's on the normal tour, until Dianne convinced me to travel from one end to another:) I am excited for the show and to meet up with Dianne:)
    I don't think they are sold out...... If I'm not mistaken, VIP is some raised platform kinda far from the stage. Not really the best for viewing but it's VIP because they have their own toilets and bar. I just want to be up front of course!
    Actually no, I'm not (yet), I'm hanging out in the thread. Although I haven't ruled it out yet either! I assumed the tickets would have sold out by now; do you think there are still some available? Did you do regular tickets or VIP?
    Kelly :hug:

    Can't believe it's nearly two years, coming to the US to see them was such an adventure, and I'm happy that even tough the show was cancelled we didn't pass the day crying on ourselves. Really hope we can meet soon for another gig, probably during the proper tour for the new LP, I need to do the west coast next time I'm crossing the pond :p
    Hi Kelly!!
    Merry Christmas!!! :hug:

    Hope you're having a great time and we'll meet again soon!
    You still owe me a hug after all!
    Hey Kelly! (ha, we are awesome, having the same name :awesome:)
    I received your Secret Santa card today! Thank you so much! I love it! Thanks for the LRLRL CD too! :hug:

    Merry Christmas!
    My flight arrives 11:00. It looks like we are really close to yall on the Subway line. Earls Ct Stn. is Like 5 stops away on the green line if you use Westminster Stn. or the Pimlico Stn on the blue line.
    we both get there around 7am ish and with UK customs I can see us spending at least a hour at the airport. Plus she flies into terminal 3 and I arrive at terminal 4 so I have to go find her once we are there. She has the same number.
    Ahw thanks Kelly, that's so nice of you.
    It's good to have someone to be able to contact :) where are you staying? I'm staying at Palmer's Lodge :nice:
    Looking forward to meeting everyone :nice: It's going to be awesome :dance:

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