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    1- August 20,2005- Verizon Amphitheater, Irvine,CA.
    2- Feb. 3, 2006- MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas,NV.
    3- July 19,2008- MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas,NV.
    4- November 22, 2008- Engery Soultions Arena, Salt Lake City,UT.
    5- July 16,2009- Cricket Wireless Amphitheater, Chula Vista,CA. (FRONT ROW BABY!)
    6- July 18, 2009- Home Dept Center- Carson,CA. (2nd row!)
    7- July 19,2009- Verizon Amphitheater, Irvine,CA. (FRONT ROW CENTER!!! Chris and Guy BOTH noticed me. )

    just want to say wow :)
    I know same! See You Soon is incredible. There are lots of songs I wish I could see live...Don't Panic, Shiver, A Rush of Blood To The Head. I could go on for ages.
    From what I can tell the special effects are better this tour, but I think the music was better pre-VLV.
    Ohh I like that one too. My FAV ever is See You Soon. It's so hard to pick just one cuz I think everything they do is amazing. :D
    In 2005 I like some of their stuff and always intended tto buy X&Y but was afraid I wouldnt like it.
    I got Parachutes and A Rush Of Blood To The Head from the library purely by chance and wanting to listen to new music.
    i fell in love and eventually bought X&Y and all the other albums :D
    It's great I got into them in 2007, so i didnt have to wait to long for a new album :D

    I'm good :D
    nice to meet you Jessica :nice:
    I'm not allowed to give out my name so you can call me whatever you like :wacko:
    Hi, I'm so excited about the 2 concerts in July. I'd love to go to Chula Vista, too, and there are pit tickets still available, but my husband is rolling his eyes at me about going to *another* show. I live very close to the Irvine venue, and I can't wait to meet the band! I won a radio station call in contest to have Cocktails with Coldplay :)
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