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  • that's cool :D. Have you ever done it? it's my first time. how we can communicate? My english isn't perfect :p
    Oh ok thank you, I'm glad you're fine! :nice: I'm well too :)
    Thank you for accept the friendship request! :)
    How are you? :cheesy:
    By the way, where is your avatar from?
    None of my friends like anything i like. thats why im iffy on the patch thing cus im scared people will criticize me...
    Hahaha i understand right now im at work :p i shouldnt be on here but i always am :) but usually i have coldplaying open more than facebook.... its sad lol :D
    Nope! i like seeing people on the forums it makes me more comfortable seeing familiar faces and making new friends :) its a good thing!
    No he's the most indie of indie musicians!! Unfortunately he only cares about his art, and knows nothing about marketing, so locks himself away in his little studio and just does his little genius creations that almost no-one hears :( He's the Van Gogh of music imo...

    I took another guy I know (who was a musician with the guy who produced Bob Marley/made him famous) to see him play a little gig in London and he also said 'he's a genius'.

    Such a lovely guy too, just happy to have him as my friend :sunny:
    Sorry for the late reply my friend, I've been stuck offline for a while...

    Oh yes, Vancouver's definitely on my list :D I have friends there, a musician friend in Montreal, and some more in Nova Scotia, Calgary, Edmonton, so I've got some travelling to do when I can finally visit!!

    I met most of them while I was a teacher in Japan, and lots of my students would go stay in Canada and tell me how wonderful it is there :sunny:

    London in March should be great! Hope you have an amazing time, and please keep in touch if you'd like to talk about it before you come :)
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