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Jun 19, 2019 at 2:26 PM
Feb 9, 2012
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Biggest CP Fan 2013, from Virginia is for Lovers (of Coldplay)

LdySpace was last seen:
Jun 19, 2019 at 2:26 PM
    1. Ranma_Saotome
      Hi! Do you have a download link for the Sao Paulo Show in 1080p? Happy new year!
    2. technicolor_birds1935
      You have been on my mind a lot lately. I miss talking to you. its a long of why i haven't been on here much but i do miss everyone, especially you. I wanted to send you a gift for Christmas but now dont have the money to. I just need a whole new start in my life. like i said its a long story.. but i hope to hear from you. i would love to know how your doing!
    3. kestrel
      Hey, thanks for your message and for accepting my friend request :) ...we had a good day yesterday, even without Chris there...always next time though! I live in hope :)
    4. technicolor_birds1935
      Sharon... oh my Sharon. You were on my mind while I was at work today. I hope your okay down there in Virginia with the Hurricane coming, I hope you and your family are okay. I was concerned about you for that. Be safe my dear! =) Hope its not too bad down there. I live right on Lake Erie in North West Ohio and winds here are unbelievable, I've never seen it so windy or the water so high. So I'm thinking it must be worst down there if its that bad here.

      Well I hope your okay. =)
    5. CAMR
      Thnx for accepting my friend request!!!!!!
    6. postcards
      Thanx for accepting my friendship, see you in the Chrissy thread. ;) :D
    7. the3jr
      Lol yes! How was the second night though? I'm guessing no luck?... Guy did tweet that they were still in Chicago today (9th) :blank:
    8. the3jr
      Hey! I got to meet you tonight (7th)! Nice to meet you :) I'm the big/tall checkered-shirt guy waiting with you guys at the gate after the show :P
    9. ForYouIBleedMyselfDry
      oh gosh i so read virginian wrong xD
    10. ForYouIBleedMyselfDry
      i live in sheandoah county
      thats as much as im sharing xD
    11. ForYouIBleedMyselfDry
      you live in virginia! :shocked: lol
    12. LdySpace
      I'm so green that I didn't even know I had this little thing called "visitor messages!" Gushing....yep. Anything Coldplay. Chris makes me want to pass out. haha Anybody else that has this obsession and "creeptastic passion" is a friend of mine!
    13. Batman
      Hello there! :cheesy: I see you gushing all over the chris/jonny thread, so what about we share our creeptastic passion by becoming friends? :lol:;)
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    Virginia is for Lovers (of Coldplay)
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    When words fail and you don't know what to do - AEIOU |<3
    "Chris's energy is what drives the whole thing. He's an amazing mix of total panic and worry and self doubt, and confidence and absolute hysteria and fun." - Will Champion
    "That man is a superstar. I told him he was awesome." - Jay-Z