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  • Thanks too! You live in beautiful area too :) I love nature and like to take long walks in the park near us :D
    Oh, I didn't know that koalas can't be touched :( Well, it's a pity :( At least you can enjoy them some way... (doesn't matter it's by watching them :D)
    David Bowie!! Listen to his most famous ones first, like heroes (my favourite one) and space oddity:).

    I play keyboard/piano (self taught) and am going to be buying a guitar, electric, soon:), you?:)
    I would be excited to visit them too! :) I haven't gone on such festivals before and it would be a new experience for me! :)
    I live near the area of Rhodope Mountain and it's indeed very beautiful! Actually it's my favourite mountain in Bulgaria :D :) You are always welcome in our small country! :) :sunny:
    I'm sure Australia is amazing! I have relatives who live there and I have watched many photos - my mouth was open the whole time from the beauty I saw from the pictures. I just can't imagine how beautiful it is live! :surprised: I have a koala toy - it's so handsome ^.^ But I want to hug a real one :D I have heard they're very loving :)
    All the ones you said, literally, I love them all :D!!
    Plus Muse, blur, Queen, Green Day, my chemical romance, Blondie, the Beatles, bit f David Bowie, Jake Bugg.
    Oh, it's a pity you're not going to any festivals! I'd like to visit Glastonbury too! :)
    At least there are festivals in your country which you'd like to visit! :)
    Bulgaria is famous for its beautiful nature. If you reach the peak to any mouintain in my country the view is breathtaking! The photos you have saw certainly haven't lied to you. :) I hope you visit someday Bulgaria and convince yourself in her beauty. :) I'm happy you like my country! I really like Australia and I want so much to visit it! :nice:
    Nice! :)
    Unfortunately I won't go to any Festivals this Summer (or maybe year :( ). There are no Festivals in Bulgaria which I'm interested in going. :( It's so bad that in my country aren't made festivals/concerts that I would like to go to. :(
    And you? I am curious to know to what festival you will go. :)
    Hey, don't worry! :) I'm great, and you? :)
    The start of the second term starts next week so probably I won't have much spare time too :/
    I hope you're doing well! ^.^
    They're two actually - Cornerstone and My Propller. And yours? :)
    P.S. - I followed you on Twitter(I'm Cherryaa3) :)
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