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  • Hi, Marina,
    Thanks for writing. No, I don't actually have all the things listed. If you look at the threads, you'll find a "Keeper Thread" that was started a couple of weeks ago by another member. We all got to "claim" bits and pieces of the Coldplay legend so I claimed the things listed in my sig. It's all for a lot of fun! You can go there and claim things yourself but I think by now only Will's left eyebrow might be available.

    Take care and I hope to see you around.

    haahaha oh man :laugh3: I have like millions of butterflies, so those 80 butterflies are like 1% of all the ones I have :laugh3: And I'm glad you FINALLY got them!!! :dance: I was worried they had gotten lost :( :hug: :heart:
    Well I've been to Italy before but have never heard of that :p is Croatia kinda like Italy? :)
    aw I hope u get to go to the USA :hug: I don't think it's that great but that's probably just because I live there XD but San Fran is pretty kewl :)
    well it's not all that great... we are learning about the government which is rlyyy boring :sleeping2:
    have u been to the US before? :awesome:
    :thinking: umm idk where Croatia is! :dead: sry...
    That's great to hear that you'll frame and enjoy the butterflies! I hope you do! I tried to give you good ones. I have a few ripped ones but I tried to pick those out. I'm doing well right now - how about you? The school year here is about half way done and my students are already "checked out," which is frustrating, but what can I do? haha I'm dying because last year at this time, I knew I was going to see Coldplay in a few months and that's not the case this year. So, it's a bit depressing to not have that to look forward to, but oh well. I'll live. haha So, what's new with you?
    Sorry it's been so long! I'm so glad you got the butterflies. I hope you like them! What are you planning on doing with them?
    hello Marina :)
    ur welcome :wacky:
    well nothing much haha, it's monday so i have to go to school again and im not looking forward to it (i have to leave soon) :p but i discovered a coldplay music video last night :stunned: i can't believe i've loved coldplay for a year and haven't known about it :lol:
    u have heard about Trouble UK version right? :D cause i live in the USA so they have a different video for trouble so i've never seen the UK one :confused:
    how u been?? :dance:
    Thanks, :dance: people really like it! Personally I find it disturbing, stupid and threatening to soceity but it doesn't matter when it's popular :dance::dance:
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