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  • Aww, of course I don't mind you adding me! :) It's always nice to find people who have so much in common with yourself. :)

    Yeah, I've seen them four times last year. The first time in May and twice in July. :) Actually I'd have only seen them one time in summer, but then I won a ticket for their "Street Gig". Oh dear, I still can't believe how lucky I was! And that was also the gig the day Gary had the go kart accident and broke his rib, but he still performed! :stunned: Maybe you've heard about it, I don't know...
    But yes, the Albert Hall is so absolutely beautiful, definitely the most beautiful venue I've been to so far! And the acoustics there are just breathtaking! :cheesy: So, I guess you've already been there yourself? :)
    Aww, I know Brighton pretty well. :) I've spent three holidays there, it's such a nice city! I always like to say that I lost my heart there. :blush: I've walked by the Brighton Centre several times and always thought of how great it'd be to attend a gig there someday. Especially Keane, since it'd be a kind of homecoming gig for them. :)
    A friend of mine I met at one of the gigs in July has been to the gig as well and she sticked around afterwards and waited for the boys. And you know what? Gary gave her his T-shirt! No joke! :stunned: She told him that it was her birthday (which was true of course) and that she came all the way from Germany, so he kind of guilty towards her or I don't know, but oh my god, just imagine that situation! :stunned: Anyways... :lol:

    Aww, I'm sure the boys of Keane are very humble guys as well, it's a pity I didn't get to meet them so far. But Tim's always a bit shy, isn't he? I guess Rich's the one who spends most of the time with the fans and talks to them. I really appreciate that. :)

    Oh, how much younger is your brother then and how old are you, by the way? My brother's only a year younger and his taste in music isn't the best, really. I'm glad he still listens to some Indie at least sometimes. :lol: Although I must say that he was the one who introduced me to Coldplay. ;)

    Okay, great. Let me know what you think about the song, but I'm almost sure you'll like it. :D

    Have a nice evening!
    Elena x
    First of all: Thanks for the request! :) We surely have a lot in common, which is nice, I think! :)
    It's so great you got to see them on one of their reworked shows! In which city have you seen them? :) I was there on the first night of their London gigs and oh well, I'm still lost for words! Pure perfection, I'd say! :cheesy: I still have to think of the gig every day and the memory puts a big smile on my face every time. :)
    Lucky you that you got such a great seat? In which row was your seat? I was in row 16 in the arena which is pretty far away from my "usual spot"... Haha, yeah, I guess I'm a bit spoiled as I've seen them three times before in the front row. :cheesy:
    Aww, he even smiled at you? :) Oh dear, he's just so adorable! You just want to hug him. :D

    Yes, it's pretty annoying that I'll have that stupid oral exam at the end of June, so I don't have much of a chance... :\ And I live in Southern Germany, by the way. So I guess a trip like that would be pretty expensive anyway... :{ But oh well, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos and reading your review! :D
    Haha, another thing in common: I saw them on their Perfect Symmetry tour as well! First time in November '08 and then last year in August, only 2 days after I'd seen Coldplay (can't get any better, eh? :)). Oh, you even got to meet Tim? Lucky you! :) I waited both times for them to come out, but I had no luck. :\ I'd even be happy with only meeting Richard, he seems to be such a sweetheart. :)

    By the way, lucky you to have a brother with such a good taste in music. ;) I wish my brother had such a decent musical taste... :uhoh: :lol:

    No, I'm afraid there are only live versions of the song out there so far. They've only played it at some of their gigs in Northern America (I think). But there are quite some good videos on youtube! I can search for a decent one, if you like... :)

    And don't worry about writing too much... As you can see, I can't make it short, either. ;)
    Elena x
    Hi there! Just saw your posts in the threads about Keane and Snow Patrol and noticed your signature... "♥ Coldplay + Keane + Snow Patrol ♥" Haha, you know, that's something like the formula of absolute perfection... Well, at least for me. :D :lol:
    I also read that you're one of the lucky ones who are going to see Keane on their forest tour! :) Oh dear, you should feel so lucky! I wish I could see them and I'd even consider travelling to the UK, but as I'll have my A-Levels at that time and therefore no holidays, there's nothing I can do about it... :\ But I'm sure those gigs will be legendary, I can feel that! :D Hopefully they'll play some songs of the new EP as well! Speaking about that, I'm soo excited about "Night Train"... :dance: It's just a pity "Sovereign Light Café" won't be on it, for some reason... Have you heard that song? It's so beautiful! :)
    Anyways... Sorry for writing that much, I didn't want to bother you or something... :uhoh:
    Hello Amy,
    oh no, you don't need to credit me! I just wondered because the avatar seemed to familiar to me and I looked in my photobucket folder and found it.
    I just thought someone had the same idea as I had. :D
    Of course you can use it and you don't have to mention me somewhere, it's not that great and it didn't take me long to make it. ;)
    If you are ever want a signature or something, you can find some amazing ones in the Siggy And Avi Thread - or you can ask me, I love to make signature. :nice:
    Have a nice weekend!
    Exellent!! Glad the paper got to you ok! Sorry it took me so long to post it but what with Christmas and New Year etc time seemed to just get away from me...

    Happy New Year, hope it's been good so far!

    Karen x
    Hi, I just noticed that you might use one of my avatars? :)
    If it is indeed one of mine, I want to thank you for using it. :nice:
    Hiya Amy!

    Just wondering if you had got your Express and Echo newspaper yet? It was posted last week or so, I hope you've got it or that it will reach you soon!!

    Karen x x
    Hi Amy!
    I'm Lissi.
    oh yes, something from Parachutes would indeed be amazing. Maybe they will play shiver. You never know. :bomb: I'll die together with you if they do.
    How old were you when Parachutes came out? I was...let me think...15. I fell in love with Yellow imediately and still love it. But I didn't see them live during the Parachutes era, unfortunately. I missed out on hearing so many gorgeous songs live! Fingers crossed for a little bit of Parachutes love on Saturday. Oh my god...SATURDAY! Aaaahhh!
    Where are you travelling from? I'm travelling from London by train and I'll probably be at the castle at about 5. I'm not sure when to be there actually. I don't want to get stuck behind all the tall people and not be able to see anything. :lol:
    Maybe I'll spot you in the queue. I'm not sure yet what I'm going to wear, but I'll certainly look out for a bright purple hoody. :)
    Woohoo! 2 days, 2 days! :heart:
    Hey there! I just saw in your siggy that you're going to the Exeter gig. I'll be there too. It's going to be great, yay! :)
    Oh, and also you've got Everything's not Lost in your siggy, which is my all time favourite Coldplay song and used to be in my siggy before I changed it yesterday. Just a random thougt :laugh3:
    no problem, you seemed nice :D
    nice to meet you amy :heart:!
    yep, i am a female brit coldplayer lmao :dance:
    thanks lol, its just me posing as usual :blush:
    how are you anyway :nice:?
    You are very welcome :hug: .
    Totally ! Coldplay + Starbucks = the ultimate mix :) !
    Aaaw you tasted so many drink favours, I envy you :dance:
    I know what you mean, it's hard not to spend money once in a Starbucks Coffee ... I mean it feels great to spend some time there, right ? :wacky: You have to fully enjoy it by drinking something !
    We are talking about Starbucks merger in English Buismess atm . Yaaay I'm so happy ! :lol:
    Before going to the CP concert in Paris (1 month and a half it already seems so far away :embarassed:) I went to Starbucks with my friends to chill out a bit . I loooooved it ! The weather was great, it was all sunny and a couple of hours later I was at the stadium . Everything was so perfect !!
    Starbucks + Coldplay + Summer ... :wacky:
    Haha I'm hungry too ! I've heard there are "starbucks recipes" that you can "cook" at home but you know, it's nowhere near the original I guess .

    You have very good tastes ! :thumbsup: Chris curls are lovely . His hair is so short when you look at the Black Ball photos :embarassed: .
    Well, it seems to grow quickly so no worries :nice:

    I'm Cécile . Nice to meet you Amy :) !
    Also, please forgive my weak use of English :anxious:

    I'm found of your avi by the way !
    Hello there sane CM fangirl ! :)
    I agree with you ! Yaaay for Starbucks ! They have insanely tasty Caramel Mocchiatos and Chai Tea Latte and ... sooo much more haha ! :D
    I want to enter one like ... right now !
    VLV in Starbucks how cool is that ! :dance:
    Haha sorry :sweatdrop:
    PS : This is the ultimate question : Curly haired Chris or Short haired Chris ? :)

    Have a good afternoon !
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