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  • Oh god, you're luck sounds like my luck. Anything that could go wrong at a concert, will. One of the concerts I went to, someone stole my unopened water bottle. When I turned my back. :lol: Another person, pushed and yelled at me at the C-stage during Paradise as I was trying to get a spot, it broke my heart, so please don't worry about me reading your anger. I get it. :D I was able and fortunate to see Coldplay many times this past year. All wonderful shows and very much grateful to get to see em and hear them play their wonderful songs in person, it's great isn't it. :)Despite,when things that get in the way of it. Happy you got to see em this past week, I'm sure it's an experience you will never forget.

    Wow, you're so lucky to be at the show and a cold one at that. A real coldshow. :) How awesome, glad the crowd woke up and thanks for accepting my request. Have fun on the forum, friend. :heart:
    Thank you. There will be a live on Tumblr if you want ;)
    It's soon for you :) But you know it makes since December that I waiting this moment :')
    Sorry to answer only now but I was occuped.
    YEAH ;D I'll see them again this weekend at Paris (my country) :D♥
    Yes, I've been able to understand you just fine. :nice: And yes you're quite right, it really is essential! Every song of Coldplay's is just so awesome!! :wacko: So do you have any other bands you are into besides Coldplay of course? :wideeyed: Coldplay is my all-time favourite band, but I also adore Radiohead & Muse, and I'm always so happy because Coldplay praises Radiohead and Muse, as well! :laugh3: Seems to me British bands in general are just simply amazing. :wacky:
    Oh and thank you for the friend request! You've been accepted! ;) :D
    I understand you because I left a little side during a time... But since their last album, I can't to past me of them ♥
    Ah cool ;) where? For me, it's the end holidays :(
    Sounds like we've been CP fans for about the same amount of time! I had always adored their music, but it wasn't until just a few months before Viva La Vida's release that I bought their CD's and totally fell in love with their music and just became absolutely obsessed. :wacko: :lol: Ever since then, a day hasn't gone by I haven't listened to their music! :heart: Their music has changed and taken over my life now! :laugh3:
    Hello there! All you said is true - music is one of the best things in the world! And Coldplayers are lovely people. My song is love ;)
    Yes they are! I think it was the album which got the most bad press; and i remember in an interview Guy said that in the X&Y album they did what fans expected them to do and it seemed like he was looking for an excuse to justify why the album was bad! I don't know maybe i'm wrong i really hope so!
    Anyway, I love it! Which is your favorite X&Y song?
    Hi! You have good taste in music!^.^
    I don't know why it's supposed to be the least good one!!
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