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  • YEAH! :dance: Well you're cool, so I'm pretty happy you want to take part :wacko:

    What colour do you want you kitty to be? :D
    Okay so I had a random brainfart last night and decided to spread some kitty love in this forum during the next 2 weeks until Christmas. And with that I mean making cat avatars for the coolest persons of my friendlist, but not just some lame-ass-cute-fluffy-cat avatars but awesome freaky RIGHT-IN-YO-FACE ones like my one :awesome: So I'm asking you if you want to take part in my insane kitten project and replace your avatar for about 2 weeks with one of mine (you can say what colour you want your kitteh to be :wacko:) just for the LULZ (and to confuse the other members about why in God's name there are so many freaky kittens around :wacky:)

    SO ARE YE INTERESTED :wideeyed:

    Oh I hope school is not too stressful on you, its okay. Take it easy and take it one day at a time.. stressful times only make us stronger so theres really nothing to complain about if you really think about it. Hope all is well with you though. And I'am wonderful thank you, I love life, cannot complain. I hope your too busy, dont let the stressful stuff overwhelm you my dear, you'll be okay. Just keep pushing through I know you can make it. =) Great to hear from you, I love my Coldplay family.
    Hello Mara sweetie!! Just wanted to drop by and hello and see how you were doing! Hope all is well with you! I love my Coldplayer family <3 Everybody is so sweet on here it warms my heart! Take care hun!

    Great, and now I have to deal with an emotional Lory ffffffffffffffffffffffffffu :shame:
    Maybe she should learn the language for heavens sake! And stop spamming us with her gibberish ~_____~

    Another German fan and I wondered if she even has a real life :uhoh:

    Lory doesn't understand it anyway lol. Oh man, IMO Tash takes her job a little bit too serious <__<
    Naw I don't :nice:


    Why can Lory post shit and we are not allowed to it, too?!
    Si tu viens sur msn je peux essayer de t'expliquer :) Enfin aprés ce ne sont que des possibilités de sortie héhé
    mmmmh ta photo de profil est miam miam ! :D J'espere pour toi aussi que miss météo ce trompe ! Aufaite il y a un meeting Coldplayers devant la porte H à 23h45! J'irais devant la porte VIP avant :))
    La chance chez moi il fait froid! :( ooh ! :D En fait tu ne rentreras pas chez toi entre Cabourg et le concert ?
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