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  • That's so odd that Lancaster is backwards about the terminology, especially as it's a core part of CTY and everyone else would follow suit to the things they do. I don't know what I want to take yet, I normally just go with the flow and pick a site first.

    Did Taameen end up going to CTY? I've never seen any of these help :c
    Sorry, I read your messages but forgot to reply :disappointed:

    I took Electrical Engineering. Did you ask questions or did you stay quiet? Yeah it took me a while for things to sink in too... in the end I didn't learn everything at the time that it was taught but upon reading back in the book I taught myself the rest.

    Cool! I dunno when I went to Rhode Island, it wasn't very diverse, mainly white Americans and maybe a few dozen other Americans of other races or people from other countries.

    The Los Angeles site, like the city itself, is represented by a loooot of countries, and the majority of people are Asian. (Not that it matters what their race are obv, I just think it's interesting how each site differs)

    That's great! Yeah I love how people at CTY are so well-educated and open-minded about that kind of stuff.
    I felt really sorry for them both so I don't want something like that to happen again haha. And we got baby CTY on our site for the first time so all of our good areas for the dance and social time were moved, we got the crappy tiny screen for Movie Night... nooo!!! And they got way better weekend activities too! It's all good though.

    Sorry I didn't go to Lancaster with you this year but I'm 100% sure I want to go next year! It would be an awesome site to spend my nevermore year! Will you be there next year too?
    Hey punk are you back from camp yet? I went Session 1. It was awesome, but I felt bad because we were such a misbehaving hall and class... I got banned from sleepovers both weekends (I don't even understand how... the first time I offered to go get drinks from the cafeteria for everyone in my hall, but I didn't realize my RA decided to leave the hall building at the same time and she got really mad... that's what I get for being nice I guess? And the second time I walked a friend to the restroom and she was in such a bad mood she took away our sleepovers for being 2 minutes late ... ?????)
    So that was just unlucky for the most part but I feel bad because our teacher and TA did not know how to discipline at all and were too afraid to tell any of the students to stop doing something so they turned from a quiet and socially anxious class to a fairly careless and obnoxious one... I mean we did well with the classwork but I feel there will be bad evaluations for us all... D:
    Just what you're wooooorrth
    /NOT FORGIVEN :veryangry2:

    Aw, yeah that's stuff. Maybe you should plan to do something together over the weekend :wacko:

    Ah nice, there are so many good UK Youtubers so that must be really exciting. How much does it cost to go?

    You have several months so don't panic too much. Hopefully she'll e-mail you back.
    We'll see though. Never hurts to ask.
    Me neither :disappointed: what happened though? Didn't you have some close friends a few months ago? Did you guys fight or something? :sad:

    Yeah, they're brilliant. Thanks! :wacky:

    What's Summer In The City? That's amazing though. :wacko:

    Yeah, sounds to me like she might not even go :disappointed: my first year, I took the Talent Search late, and I ended up in Academic Explorations cos that's all they had left. Still, it's not that late yet, must've taken it in March or April, but we'll see.
    (cont) and possibly having my in-laws from Venezuela coming along too so I can meet them for the first time
    - CTY!

    So basically if I met you too this would be the best year of my life so far omg. I will talk about it with her today but omg I feel so greedy. Just know that if it doesn't happen this year, it will happen next year for sure.
    Hi! That's awesome, I just got a confirmation thing too.

    I've been kinda nervous to ask my mom because we're not really made of money so I feel like in her head, spending an extra 300 dollars or something on a plane ticket when I can just be driven to another site for free is a little iffy to her?

    On the other hand, for some reason my family's business is actually doing well this year, and all this stuff is being planned that I would never think would be possible:

    - Going to Hawaii for spring break
    - My first music festival: Coachella (I don't know if anyone really cares who Blur and The Stone Roses are, but they are my two favorite bands in the world, and people laughed in the face of them ever getting back together and coming to America). Also, the XX and Sigur Ros :dazzled: sorry I feel like I'm bragging now
    - Going to Romania with my family for a month or so, possibly making a stop in England :wacky:
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