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    It must suck to have a birthday so close to Christmas! :p Hahaha. My brother-in-law's birthday is two weeks before Christmas, but we still seperate his birthday and Christmas presents. I wonder what date is the boundary between combining presents and making them seperate?

    Aww that poster is sooo cute! :wacko: I see that 'Alpacalypse' thing all over Tumblr, I guess that's where it's from.

    Wow, that was really long, sorry!!

    Those shirts are really cool omg. What happened to that one where it was full of these pretty blue flowers and swirls (EDIT: found it http://www.districtlines.com/23898-Phil-Doodle-White-T-Shirt/Amazing-Phil) ? I remember you posted it a lot.

    The headlamp is awesome hahaha! I would wear it around with pride :smug:

    Good to know that I'm not the only one that celebrates with a few people, the people I talk to in school make these lists like "well I have 35 people that send me presents on Christmas, so I can ask my parents for a Playstation Vita and my cousins for all the games, then from my dad I can ask clothes and jewelry, and new Beats" and I'm like :uhoh:

    I mean having a lot of family =/= being spoiled, but uhhh most of the people I know are pretty spoiled.

    Oh yeah! That's how it normally works actually, new semester in January or February. But California is very very broke, as you might have heard, so not only did we have finals in December, but they also cut random days out of our school semester for no reason. Our Thanksgiving break (which is normally two days) was a whole week long. I guess some kids enjoyed it, but it's really kinda sad actually. Luckily they added a little more money to the school budgets due to this proposition that passed so I think we're gonna have a normal-length semester next semester.

    I know how you feel. :disappointed: I got a B, overall, in the first semester of my math class but it was because of a big dumb mistake, not little ones. I was doing so well in the class and I understood everything well, so I didn't study. Come to the final and for some reason my head completely clears. I think I failed that final. :disappointed: Well that taught me a lesson.
    That's so cool! I've always wanted to make Youtube videos, y'know, not to get famous or anything, I just wanna do it. But I don't know what to talk about :disappointed: maybe we could make a collaboration channel with other people on Coldplaying that wanna do it? But I remember there was some ColdplayingTV Youtube channel while I wasn't on here, and it died quickly :disappointed:

    Yeah, cos I was born like a week after she died. Thanks! :wacko: Although I don't know if that's cool or not if she died haha
    Cockney accents are the best omg :dazzled: I guess my opinion doesn't count because I might be sorta *~~*~* attracted !**!!*! to them, but idk I think the accents that aren't very fancy or posh at all are the best.

    Aww, I'm sorry it was hard for you to keep in touch with your friends. But you know, even if you have friends in the same grade, when you move on to a new school and they go to another one, it's just as hard to keep in touch.

    I got a bike (and a lock for it), a soccer ball, and a basketball (not sure how I'm supposed to practice those all at the same time, but there you go), beads and tools to make jewelry because I like to do that sometimes, a Doctor Who mug, workout pants, a stuffed tiger that is the same height as me :)cheesy:), a pillow that turns into a dog if you turn it inside out :)thinking:), pair of Converse, then stuff like earrings, make-up, nail polish, etc., and the inevitable 'novelty socks' and shower gel, hot cocoa that everyone gets, every Christmas.

    That's actually a lot considering, haha, my family is only 4 people, so I only get presents from 3 other people, and they're all broke :p so, yeah.

    It was a good Christmas, but the fact that my sister and her husband left on vacation kinda sucked, cos I spent Christmas alone with my mom. :p

    And you? :wacky:

    Woah, that's really cool! You're really lucky.

    Interesting that they make mixed ages a part of the education. I always thought that it was irritating that students are placed into classes by what year they were born, you could very well be more mature than other people in your grade and struggle to make real friends. And also I feel like being a low test scoring 13-year-old in a class full of low test scoring 13-year-olds will just encourage you to be a low test scoring 13-year-old?

    I don't think I know anyone who actually enjoyed middle school hahahaha. How was your first semester of school btw?

    Yeah I celebrate Christmas. Bit weird cos like you I'm not really religious. It's a thing you do with your family, though.

    Well, if they have a job that makes them happy and just requires them to joke around, that's awesome! I wouldn't care how much money I'd make.

    Yeah England is the most "interesting" country I guess, but the rest have nice castles in the countryside and all that, maybe nice beaches? Scottish and Northern Ireland accents are awesome btw, I don't know anything about Welsh. I just know they have a language where everything is spelled really strangely. And Princess Di, obviously, I was even named after her.

    ok *googles Montessori*

    UK is very cool and it's at the top of my list of countries I wanna visit at one point. I'd even love to get a job and live there after I finish college, but that's more of a dream than a reality probably :p

    That's weird that your elementary school ended in 6th grade! I thought they all ended at 5th. Is it a private school or something?
    I'll check out those three videos, thanks! :heart: I read that as 500k and 800k dollars, and I was like, "you must be completely mad if you don't think that's huge!" :uhoh2: Need to read better :disappointed:

    Haha, no need to worry, I asked you!

    Woah. Sorry, I always think it's weird when I hear people say they don't like the idea of traveling. I mean, I sorta get why, it's like that first day of summer camp except it's the whole language and culture you don't understand, but I dunno, it's good to face your fears, and the world is too huge and beautiful to stay in one tiny corner of it for the rest of your life.

    Does VidCon happen in California?? You know, all these great events happen here, and it means nothing to me because I can't even go, and then people tell me "you're so ungrateful for living in a big city!!!" :uhoh:
    Still haven't watched Dan and Phil, should get on that this break. Maybe you can recommend me some of your favorites? I've spent a lot of late nights on Youtube lately hahaha

    Yeah when I think of "funny posts" I think of irritating trollface and Y U NO memes, and that's not the case at all hahaha oh god. Dunno, just funny things

    That's cool! Didn't know they were that big.

    Me neither, no worries. Haven't been out with friends in over a year. :p Still trying my best to make close friends, within the range I'm comfortable with, but I was never the type to talk to many people, even as a kid. No worries though, throughout your life you'll meet many people who will care about you, and I think you'll be comfortable with going out with them and maybe traveling and "having a life" as it's called.
    i just followed you, my url is simon-le-bon
    you don't have to follow me back if you don't want to, i mainly post about 80s-90s pop and some funny posts

    hahahah how do you get there? i have never got post limit ever on tumblr and i can spend all day on there. omg
    Ok !! Hopefully I'll be up that early haha

    Oh yeah, we've talked about it before though, haven't we? I really wanna meet you but uhhh I feel like it's too inconvenient to fly out across the country for it
    Its funny cause I just came online to message you haha
    So like remember when we were discussing asexuality and blahblahblah, wellI think I've settled on grey-a so woo
    Yeah? Woah that's so cool! Ahh what if we had our own little reunion of Coldplayers :wacko:
    Is she going to LAN too?
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