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  • Wow that's cool that your parents where over there! I would have loved to just be near the stadium, just to get a whiff of the musical power:cheesy: Oh man, I was soooo buzzed last night I could barely sleep. I wished I was one of those dancers there, or anyone, so that I could have jumped around and let all my energy out! :wacky:
    Well, I can still do that in Leizig this week, AHHH!! :bomb::dead::drunk:

    Totally, I love them as well... I JUST WANNA HUG THEM AND NEVER LET GO! :wacky::heart:

    Jeez, 5 months already :freak: lol where the fuck did the time go?!
    Aw man, at times like these I'm so happy to be a Coldplay fan, they are such amazing people (I especially loved the part where Chris just sat down next to the orchestra and sang along with the other people kfjdghklsdjghkld :bomb:) and you can be proud to follow them. In my eyes they are the Beatles of our generation and I'm so freaking happy to be part of it, I wish I could like... I dunno, make something really, REALLY great for them to happen so that they know how much the world loves them and how important they are to us.

    *happy sigh*

    Oh I bet he's getting big! I can't imagine how annyoing it has to be to buy him new fitting clothes every couple of months haahah :awesome:

    YAY PICTURES!! :wacky:
    The show was freaking INCREDIBLE!! And all the fuzz to actually get a stream working! :lol: And in the end I just watched the German broadcast that came one and a half hours later lol <__<
    I even invitied Julia to come over so that we could watch the performance in my fathers working room, because he has a self-built sound system over there and a big ass TV screen! :cheesy: We had SO much fun and were basically fangirling/drooling all the time xD And RAGED of the nonstop-talking TV presenters ARRRH :angry: Now I'm trying to find a download of that show where nobody talks over the Coldplay songs :dozey:
    Hello dear Melanie! :cheesy: I'm pretty damn okay, I was at the Cologne concert 2 days ago :dance: And next week I'll be in Leipzig for the next one, WOOOO!! :dance:

    How are you and is your little new family member doing?
    AHHH I GOT YOUR AMAZING CARD PEFECTLY ON MY BIRTHDAY! You weren't late at all! :dance: And that American napkin is COOL, gonna stick it on my wall somewhere ha :awesome:

    And that letter envelope is sacred, it has Coldplay sticker on it HOLY POOP! Are they from this special pop-up thingy? :stunned:

    aslfalfdhlödhk I love your card sso much! :wacky: And you always have these awesome stamps on them!
    I told her your location and that you won't be able to get on floor to see her and to come up and say hello. She runs the big camera during the show.

    are you already excited about a certain musical event taking place in 4 days? :wink3:
    Hey Mel. I talked with Marta tonight. Told her I thought you would be at the Tampa show. She said she'd look out for ya. She got married to the dancing roadie! How squee is that!
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