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  • Woah, oh dear, please please please send me a photo of your little boy when he's born! :wacky: Do you have a name for him already? :sneaky:
    Apart from eating tons of cheese raclette what caused us to nearly explode and bombarding our neighbours with fireworks and firecrackers, nothing special happened LOL :awesome: Nah, it was fun. OH and we had bigass sparklers, they were pretty cool tehe.

    Yes it's so cute! :wacky:

    HOLY COW, NO YOU DIDN'T TELL ME :eek::eek::eek:

    Oh my goodness, I'm so happy for you! :cheesy: Since when do you know?
    Aaaaah I got your Christmas card, it looks SO cute! :wacky: You have such a beautiful daughter :cheesy:
    Hello Melanie! Oh it was great! We got so much presents, I was like, bombarded with clothes and stuff xD It was really cool :)

    YAY it finally arrived! :lol: I'm glad you like it. Oh yes, I hope this for you as well, I'll keep my fingers crossed! :dance:
    Yes I was, it was so epic! And we were given printed pictures of the band, signed by all of them, how cool is that? :cheesy: And now I have 5 xylobands, MWAHAHA! :evilgrin:

    The concert was a blast, as always, though it was way too short :(

    Anyway, I believe my Christmas card won't arrive in time at your place, buuuh! :bigcry:
    Thanks again. :nice:
    We don't really have that stocking-tradition here, but I bet someone will fill it anyway. :sneaky:

    I found a lovely little box in my mail on Saturday. I was on the run to visit the family and my mother was already impatiently telling me to hurry up and get into the car so I had to open it in the car and shocked her (she was on the driver's seat) with the singing card, haha (no worries, we're okay :p).
    I spent at least half an hour bringing that little Christmas tree into its shape again while being watched skepticaly by my family, but it was worth it and it's standing next to my laptop all the time. :santa2:
    I haven't found the right place for the stocking yet, but I love it. It's one of the cutest things I got from a secret Santa. :nice:

    Thank you a lot! :kiss:
    ooow :( I thought it would arrive later :( :( now mine's the first that arrived :blank:
    but I'm really happy you like it :cheesy:
    *breathes in*

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :jester::juggle::clap::elephant:

    I hope you have a fantastic day! :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
    I'm from MAJOR MINUS MEDIA, I know my ways :charming:


    No, I just remembered how MUCH your hubby likes Coldplay, so there ;)

    Man I'm so pissed right now, Coldplay is playing in Cologne this night and I can't go because I didn't win tickets buuuuuhh :bigcry: That was the only possible way to get tickets, but oh well... At least I'm gonna see Coldplay in december, yay! :wacky:
    Jeez, I got up this morning at 10 am LOL, I'm such a sleeper :shame:

    OH MY GOD that's so cool, I feel very honoured :cheesy:

    And I bet your hubby's all "What is this colorful thi- oh Coldplay, I get it :dozey:" AHAHA :lol:
    YAY it arrived! :lol: Damn you're up early :uhoh:

    I'm so happy you like it :wacky: I wish you fantastic birthday tomorrow! :D
    LOL you might get older, but wiser as well :)

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