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  • I literally cried just watching them perform Fix You in a concert on TV, so I know I'll cry when I see them play it live. It is just SO great!! And yes, Swallowed in the Sea is just awesome. Oh, and I'm glad to hear you got your tickets in the mail...and I know what you mean...I wouldn't allow myself to believe it was true until I actually saw the tickets with my own eyes. :D It's SO exciting! I'm trying to think of a really good design for a Coldplay tee shirt to wear to the concert because I love making my own clothes. Do you know what you'll wear? :)
    Haha, same here. And yes, Talk is a favourite of mine also, and I do so wish that they would play it! I also adore Swallowed in the Sea, but have never seen them sing it live. :( Oh well, I love all of their music so much, I know I'll be happy with whatever they play. :D I know they play Fix You a lot, and that's one I'd LOVE to see them do!! :)
    Cool. And I hope you get plenty of great pictures! My mom joked that it will probably be like Beatle Mania or something and I'll faint or something at the concert when I see Coldplay. :wink: She may be right! ;) I hope they play Us Against the World (I'm sure they will, but right now it's my favourite off of Mylo Xyloto :D).
    Oh cool! I have a penpal in Sweden who lives close to Stockholm and she's a CP fan so I'll have to see if she's going to that one, as well. :) But yeah, the approaching concert this year is constantly on my mind! I'm going to have to make sure I have my camera fully charged with plenty of video cards so that I can tape the entire concert! :D
    Yes, it's SO exciting!! :D And I'm happy for you too!! And I'll be seeing them in Dallas Texas on June 22nd at the American Airlines Center. Where in Sweden will you be seeing them? :)
    Oh well congratulations on being able to finally see them live. :) And no, I'll be seeing them live for my first time this year in June. I am TOO excited!! :D
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