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  • whoa ur sooo lucky...man if i met Guy I would faint or go start hyperventilating....nah im playing but i mean how did you stay so calm and mellow even after meeting a prominent bass player like Guy?!
    awh. you're great.
    That would totally be amazing if it actually happened.
    I am wishing you more luck. ;)
    haha! Yes!
    I knew that was you!

    Well that is so awesome man.
    I'm happy for you!

    ...and if by any chance you do happen to meet Chris, maybe, just maybe, you could try and get two autographs and send your good friend makayla one.

    ...haha. I'm kidding. But that would be pretty rad.
    I heard about your story about meeting Guy today!
    How great is that!? :D

    And, I definitely think I saw you at the coldplay concert in Carson on July 18th.
    Have we talked about this before?

    anyway, Congrats dude!
    Just a reminder to tell you to remember to do your video/picture/or recording of Yellow for the Coldplay Project Group if you haven't already done so. Email it to Brooke(coldplayisawesome) at [email protected] ASAP. Thanks. :D
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