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  • He also sits at the dinner table when my mom is cooking. Yeah, they are so much more smarter than dogs.

    Have fun at work :cheesy:
    And a good weekend if I don't talk to you before it ends :nice:
    Awhh, I like the way feeding the cat doesn't seem an option. My cat just meows and meows for ages D: so by the end you have to feed him. He also stares at the fire place when it's cold until someone starts a fire :lol:

    It's still sweet,
    it's nice of her too to come up and have another ceremony.
    I'll be adopting it. My friend was like
    But I want a few.

    Don't worry ... and your grandmother's getting married?
    that's cute!
    Mmmm dinner.
    Imagine how I feel.

    I looked up good settings on my camera for concert lighting so I don't have to be fiddling with it.
    I usually take a bunch during the first one or two songs and then enjoy the rest.
    Mmmm perky jonathan boobs, that's how I imagine them.
    You're not flat chested, are you?

    That would be about right, I'll make it when I have time.


    cause of the utter shit weather and fools on the roads my mother was like
    "we have to see about monday"
    I was like NOOO ;__;
    She was all, Emma I meant about getting you up to the train station.
    Mother shouldn't scare me like that.

    But yeah, people on the road are fools.
    Two mulitply car pile up within 10 minutes of my house.
    One with 14 cars and one with 7. WTF
    My uncle is bald :bigcry: *puts on hat*
    Yeah, they're a bit more perky.

    Of course,
    like a desktop one? you should give me the dimensions if you are cause you don't want it to be all shitty.
    Depends, did you imagine my uncle was me? :|

    Not going to use that smiley for a while.

    I thought having two Win pictures looked too much. I put up an Emily one for about 10 minutes but I didn't like it that much so yeah it's gone now.
    Just when I'm bored, I made my avatar too.
    You do, a long lost one. He tried to track you down, ended up at my house and I fucked him.

    That's one to tell the grandchildren.

    We had another argument on sunday and I was
    WTF did you not notice all of us leaving the house yesterday?

    man, that smiley is ugly.
    I think some one already thought of the idea,
    and didn't do a very good job ;____; darn it.

    Not to sound like a bitch D: but things have been like this for years and I rarely complain bout it. ( you're probably disagreeing in your head :lol: )
    She's been a self righteous ass hat and talking down to everyone in the house.
    She's head strong and stubborn.
    On saturday she gave out to my younger brother because he accidently broke an old usb fan ( which we got free ) my mom told her to stop and that it wasn't her place, she kept going on and on, my mom shouted at her. My brother started crying. She said she wasn't in the wrong and argued with my mother.
    My mother walked out of the house.
    My brother walked out of the house.
    My dad tried to talk to her, she still thought she was right so he left the house.
    I tried to talk to her and gave up so I left the house.

    She still thought she was right.

    and that was only saturday.
    I'll post it in the AF thread :nice: and why thank you :blush:
    Why wouldn't I need slimming? I'M A FUCKING WALRUS OF A WOMAN.

    loljk I'm not ( just incase you thought I'm that delusional :| )

    Not saying I'm going to like it though. :uhoh:
    I could, it's not the most insane possibility.
    I thought there was a shark on the tv but it was a man ... it looked like a shark though :|

    Of course I will :kiss: tomorrow though.
    They're black, I bought them cause black is slimming.

    not really, just because they had no nice blueish grey cardigans left and the jacket was fairly cheep.

    I think i'll start with watching hockey, that seems the most interesting and easiest to do.
    I have no fucking idea how I'm going to watch football at a friends house. I'll have to make new friends.
    That's much more detailed than mine ...*rewind*
    I watched the Late Late toy show on friday night. Which is coolest effing show when you are growing up.
    Saturday I went to the city with my mother and sister. I bought the new Q magazine, hair dye ( my purse broke at the cash register there D: ) a new purse, a cardigan, a jacket, pink wool and a present for someone.

    Sunday was boring and lacking substance.

    I've never watched all of Jurassic Park
    or watched hockey,
    or have gone to a friends house to watch football :|
    Awhh :sad: they were a shit band anyways but at least it was someone. Some of the girls in my year were in their music video...doesn't make them less shit though :|

    *does not sing arcade fire*
    I don't even like kate :|

    You like music and people, maybe you can help us.
    My friend booked a slight biggish band here for our debs ( which is our graduation ball dance thingy ) but they were double booked and are now like Oh sorry, bye.
    Have any good connections? :wink3:
    We have no idea to get :lol:
    My friend suggested we call kanye west ... and ask him to help us get a band.

    I hate that I had work tonight and i hate the way I can't remember why I didn't reply on wednesday.

    why am I so hate filled? it's thanksgiving in one country out of 195. I should be thankful.

    that was my cat walking across my keyboard.

    Yeah :charming:
    Let me see you download an app for protection against that... oh wait there isn't any.
    Have fun being touched in the genitals iphone boy.
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