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  • really? oh snapp. you really do.
    i mean most people say that but they have like a pic or 2.
    i have some.... some better than others :p
    oh wait am i thinking of someone else?

    oh crap im thinking of lovers in n.j.
    :facepalm: :facepalm: ...oh jeezz im just... :dunce:
    haha nvm then

    the dinosaur thing makes no sense then haha
    well ill post mine if you post yours
    lol its not me tho

    and your not a creeper... its only fair, ive seen you. you have such a beautiful
    .dinosaur :D
    lol ill see if i can find one... i usually hate taking pics but ill see if i can find one
    my camera broke though...and at Disneyland of all places!
    lol oh no its something i made its not a real person

    if you want to know what i look like i guess i could put a photo in the mug shots, web cam etc thread?
    id probably get a job anyways and use that money to live off of and use the other money to follow coldplay everywhere on their next tour.
    id also buy a car and other things
    Well, singing is more of a hobby for me. I usually do it in my room, alone. :p I'm not sure how I would function as a singer, but I do pretty good when I sing in "Guitar Hero," so I can't be that bad. :p
    your lucky you have got a path to follow all set.
    I wish I had some great special talent that was obscure yet useful to society or just something im really good at.
    I know im just going to keep wandering around all lost while everyone else persues something... even if its the wrong thing.
    Med School... lucky.
    :laugh4: That is probably one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. I wouldn't say I'm THAT skilled, but thanks. :blush:
    i have no idea what i want to major in. ... I really hate the idea of a "career" doing one thing for the rest of your life and depending on it to sustain your day to day living, so of course a major is an obscure idea at this point.
    all i really want to do is accomplish certain things in my life. im just going to focus on getting my general ed done for now :p

    what about you? what do you want to do?
    because you see i have this terrible crippling disease called "laziness"
    i shall work hard to over come it

    ...all though i guess thats an odd thing to say because if your trying hard in the first place your no longer lazy.

    what time is it in the windy city? its 2:56 am over here in the O.C
    oh well im planning to attend golden west community college :/
    eh... not real excited.

    havent actually signed up for classes tho. the online registration is soo confusing!
    im 18 for just one more month
    what about you

    and im sure we do have a lot in common since your choice in avi always makes my heart skip a beat.
    thats not an avatar its a leathal weapon :p
    im from sounthern california
    nice to meet you :p
    i always see you in the same threads so i thought i should say hi.
    I play several. You know about the horn and piano already, and I also play trumpet, trombone, flute, clarinet, and harmonica, among other things. :)
    Yeah, that might do it. I myself took piano for seven years before I got caught up in other aspects of my life. With all the stuff I was doing, I decided something had to go, and my lessons became somewhat of a bore, so I stopped taking them soon after I started my junior year of high school. I still love the piano to bits, though, and I play a lot for fun. :)
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