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    What's up?! I'm fine thank you, and you?
    Cool! I've read all of those you named off except for Why We Broke Up, but I'll check it out sometime! Thanks. :) The Hunger Games is one of my favourite books series, but I also love The Lord of the Rings and Narnia and most sci-fi/fantasy books. I think Sherlock Holmes is my favourite of all. Have you ever read them? I like most any kind of book and like to try to read at least one new one a week. :)
    Yeah, asthma stinks. I have to take breaks a lot, too. Even running for a few seconds gets me all out of breath. Luckily I've only had two bad attacks in my life though. Sorta off the subject, but do you like to read? :)
    Oh, that's cool you like sports (not that they aim right for your face though :O). I play baseball. :) I like basically all sports but I have really bad asthma, so I'm sorta limited as to how much I can play.
    Oh cool, I love both of those instruments. :D I play the keyboard, guitar, and harmonica. I think it'd be really awesome to learn how to play the drums someday though too. :D
    Cool. :) And I typically either have nightmares or extremely happy dreams, and then it's sad when I wake up because I want to go back into them. Ah, I wish I could dream whatever I want! :D I typically cannot tell when I'm dreaming. But I can always recall my dreams very vividly. Every once in awhile I'll have a really funny dream though. :) And I have recurring dreams a lot. Dreams are fascinating to me. Well anyway, sorry for going on and on about dreams...:p
    The Bends and OK Computer are my fave Radiohead CD's. You've probably heard their song "Creep" at some point, but Karma Police, Jigsaw Falling Into Place, Paranoid Android, (Nice Dream), The Trickster, and No Surprises are some of my favourite songs of theirs. :D And ah that stinks your mom woke you!! I dream of Coldplay quite a lot, but it's usually just a really long, drawn-out dream of me being in a huge crowd, trying to work my way towards CP to get an autograph. I always wake up before I get to them. :disappointed:
    My favourite Muse songs are all of the non-hits, to be honest. I'd recommend their albums Origin of Symmetry and Absolution if you ever do listen. As for Radiohead, it seems people either love them or hate them. Their music is really different, but I love it. :D
    Yeah, I don't really have anything against Florence +The Machine, I'm just not really big on any of her music. My favourite song by her is called "Heavy" and I don't even think she performs that in concert. :( But same here!! I have an entirely CP playlist, too! With all of their album songs, of course, and numerous B-sides. :D There's only two other bands I've dedicated entire playlists to, and that's Muse and Radiohead, which are my two other favourite bands after Coldplay. :D Do you know/like either of them? :)
    Yeah, Florence + the Machine are coming through my neck of the woods May 2nd, I believe is the date, and all my friends are all totally excited, but I'm just not really too phased by it with CP coming in June and all. :D
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