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  • This message is going out to everyone who is part of the Escaping Group. As you may or may not know the :escaping: smilie is currently participating in the Battle of the Smilies. Could you please vote to make sure we make it to the next round. Thankyou :escaping2:
    The secret to getting good tickets is having a friend log into ticketmaster at the same time as you, then seeing who gets the best seat assignements. I think I paid $100 each ticket the last show. The tickets for the show in Ireland costs me $276 for two. But really, can u put a price on having a great time? I see Depeche Mode is coming here to, but my friend wants to go see them in Atlantic City. I really do not not like Atlantic City, its kind of sleazy ina bad way.
    Lame people? Im right across the river from philly in jersey, (Boo) I dont know many lame people, lol, but it's overpopulated here. And cold :\. So tickets for DC arent on sale yet? Because I would have gone, but oh happiness!! Theyre actually performing at what used to be the tweeter center in camden!!:D So how much do you usually pay for tickets, and is there anywhere you can get them cheaper? I honestly cant afford 300 dollars for a decent seat, and my money is tight, and my bf is telling me to just not go and save money for my car. But if I miss out on coldplay coming to camden..Camden! I used to live there! I'll be so angry at myself, and like you said, you work hard to enjoy the fun times. Well I deserve the fun times!!! love this band so much :cry:
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