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  • Hello Nanda!
    Just so you know, I moved your personal blog thread to the Coldplay section. It would kind of get lost in the Lounge (which isn't for Coldplay-related topics anyway), and you'll likely get more of a response in the Coldplay section.
    Hi Nanda!

    Are you starting to become a little collector, too?
    I did when I joined in 2008, since I discovered coldplaybootlegs and the Multimedia section here I basically stopped listening to records and only listen to live versions. :)
    You're around for quite some time already! 2003! :stunned:

    Have fun listening to all that stuff!
    Did you start chronologically?

    I'm uploading my Muse videos for someone who wants to make a DVD of the concert I went to at the same time, that's why it takes so long to upload and I can't upload all the stuff you requested at the moment...

    Anna :kiss:
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