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  • No, he's just stupid, that's all. And he didn't like Coldplay anyway, he just listened to them because of me. Or he liked them and told everybody to hate them after our friendship because he didn't want to say he likes 'girly / gay music'. *hates people who hate Coldplay*
    Never say never - Maybe some Coldplay Karma helps you. ;)
    Yes, the similarities are for example that both songs were songs of the year. :lol:
    Okay, sometimes the melody seems similiar, but I think the two songs have such different feelings that you barely can confuse them.
    Well, to be honest Viva La Vida itself didn't really turn me into a crazy fan, because although I love this album, I was a huge fan before. But I never liked fandom in general - my first Coldplay concert changed my mind. So it was more the concert and less the album to turn me into an insane fan. :lol:
    A past friend of mine said Clocks and Speed Of Sound are so similiar, he always confuses them. :thinking:
    Clocks made me falling in love with Coldplay, but it took me untill the release of Speed Of Sound to listen to their music. I first bought X&Y and went back into their past with buying A Rush and afterwards Parachutes. Since Viva La Vida I'm a crazy fan. :D
    So you are still discovering their albums?
    Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your signature. (And A Spell A Rebell Yell :D)
    Oh, and your nickname is cool - Cemetries of London is my favourite of Viva La Vida. :)

    Before I forget it: Welcome to Coldplaying.com!
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