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    Erm, why did you come up with that conclusion?? Hi btw!
    Rottweilers have needed a strong hand, and I think you are a best teacher :)
    If they accept that from you, you have a nice Rotty for life.
    But I always laugh at those rottie areas hahahaha
    Hi Shaun!
    I'm sorry I returned from my trip to the UK just yesterday and - believe it or not - I managed to live without the internet for about 2 weeks! :lol:

    Your message made me laugh so much!
    It's true though in a way :p
    Relax, I'm just messing with you! But yeah, Conference National? They're shit!

    In return, feel free (or not) to post some Grêmio images in my profile :D
    Why would you want to support a non-league side ???

    They are as low as a football club could be in England

    Hey, yes, I'll be there for the Muse concerts in September (10th and 11th) but I'll also come over in July. :)
    Imke and me currently have tickets for the 10th but we also want to go on the 11th!
    I've seen them in Paris and it's just awesome.
    If you can get a ticket you should definitely come!
    Oh, I rarely go to Facebook. :disappointed:
    Hope you're fine and thanks for the invitation!
    I just read that you've got a new dog! Must keep you busy, huh? :)
    Should we start another try to meet this time?
    Hey Shaun!
    How are you?
    I've never seen you online on msn lately... :uhoh:

    I spent the last two weekends in Paris, going to concerts. :awesome:
    I'll come over to the UK in July again, can't wait!!
    Well.... Was meeting 2 other people in London to take them to the stadium
    that turned up late (4pm) then when we got to Wembley one of the girls decided
    to have a panic attack and wanted to go back to her hotel
    she wasn't sure of how to get back so we had to take her back (5.30)
    then go back to wembley (7pm) our gates were locked
    so had to go around stadium until we found a way in

    didnt get to the Bar until about 7.45 :(

    By this time with all texting and phoning people to say running late
    Cell phone battery had died
    I'm :confused: as well!
    What happened to you??
    In the end I gave my beer to a friend...
    Would have been great to meet you but it just wasn't in the cards I suppose.

    Are you alright?
    Hey you! Can't believe you are still awake! :D
    Hey man. Was just wondering if you'd be willing to post a rip of the Strawberry Swing promo you have. Sorry if I'm bothering you, I'd just really like to have that promo. :)
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