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  • I didn't find that :uhoh:

    I just accidentally clicked on an unknown page number beside the next page link, and I found that thread in the top of the thread list!
    oh congrats for uni and good luck for the master :)
    which one are you doing? :D
    i'm having my exams late june and i'm already stressed about it a lot, i hope i pass them.
    I will take a break once i finish exams, may be get a job and i don't know if i'll study anything later. :\
    hey pai what a surprise.
    well i don't think i'll use it much mainly because i don't know well how it works.
    how have you been? :D
    :lol: It is a small world. Yeah, I went to Seri Garing:D
    But I've lost contact with her:rolleyes:
    I don't know if she still remember me though.:thinking: after so many years...
    I wonder does she like Coldplay??:lol:
    Tell her I say hi:nice:

    Wow, you can see yourself in one youtube video? Were you jumping up and down?
    You know what, I found out something really interesting when I was going through your blog...
    Do you know that we have mutual friend? Yen Yen, she's my former classmate in Form 4 and 5!! What a coincidence.:D:laugh3:

    Yeah! I intended to make a banner, but then I thought, there's no way they can see it from where I was seated..
    But if we make a huge one, who knows, we might get their attention!:p

    I need to upgrade my gadgets and my photography skils..I couldn't take good pictures..:cry:
    Aisya :hug:
    I've just read your blog about Coldplay concert. Nice review!
    You know, I still can't believe that I've seen Coldplay live, it's just so unbelievable!
    All those Coldplay live moments... definitely give me goosebumps.
    I relive that day over and over in my mind...

    The journey to Singapore was a lot tougher than I expected, but it was worth it.;)
    I'm sooooooo jealous Chris waved at you and Anisah!!! You got his attention!!

    I'm gonna start saving for the next trip!! I can't get enough.:p
    Hopefully, someday they will come to Malaysia...*waits patiently*
    What time do you want me to arrive KL?
    What time will we leave KL?
    I want to buy Ipoh-KL ticket today..
    What time do you want me to arrive KL?
    What time will we leave KL?
    I want to buy Ipoh-KL ticket today..
    Hey there!how was the game?did you win it?:p
    Yeah Aeroline is expensive for me too..so how?
    Transnasional is cheaper but we have to go to Puduraya there.
    So what do you think?
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