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  • babysitting? hahahaha :laugh3:
    I'll have my share of that in a few months...so this is the part in which you trick me saying how fun it really is and how wonderful babysitting is and how you never want to kill that kid even though you love them and they are your sibiling's kid :awesome:

    :laugh3: No, they are different...Sprite's flavour is different as if you had used those artificial sweetener products? It's bitter than 7up :shrug: they are as different as Coke and Pepsi (they are different :phu:)
    :phu: it tastes better....not in England though :uhoh: there it tastes like Sprite and I don't like Sprite :freak:
    a diet? :wacko: so you better eat all the unhealthy stuff today! :awesome:
    Hi Haleema!

    Just aside of everything going on, your textspeak-writing style is indeed hard to read and not nice towards non-native speakers.
    It would be awesome if you'd start writing in complete sentences and typed out words as not everyone understands the textspeak.
    There's not really a need to save letters in a post on here, you're not paying per letter. :p

    Have a nice weekend. :nice:
    I know other Musers who want to see him without clothes on too; you'll have to get in line. :sneaky: :lol:

    That's really exciting! :wacko: I hope your friend has an amazing time, and tells you all the details.
    That's true; they really deserve it. :nice:

    Haha, I did! Nice print, Dom. :lol: I really need to see his wardrobe and all the shirts he owns.
    Hi, Haleema! You've probably already seen these pictures, but . . . I'll just post them, because I think you'll like them. :sneaky:

    Here's a picture!

    Another picture!

    I KNEW you'd say that eventually
    I can tell you like him, your constant stream of avis has nothing but him in them :p

    I think both Matt and Dom are hot, but currently Dom is winning :lol:
    I don't think I ever read that interview. :thinking: But I'll take your word for it. Maybe Dom was inspired by Weezer, and Muse will do something similar.
    I'm really excited too! I can't wait to see what songs they play. I wish August was here already. :lol:

    That would be amazing if they did the full Exogenesis symphony. With a full orchestra. :awesome:
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