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    The Coldplay Domino

    Fix you (word "lights")
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    What was the first Coldplay song did you ever hear?

    Around in 2008/09 but I don't remember which one. It was Viva La Vida or Lovers in Japan or Life in technicolour ii. I can't remember they were all playing in music channels. But it wasn't until mid 2014 that I started listening to coldplay (bought their albums etc)
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    A Head Full of Dreams Film - In Cinemas Nov.14

    Chris also mentioned it in one of the Paris dates that they were filming again all the 3 concerts for a dvd
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    Chris Martin Acoustic Guitar sound

    It's mostly the actual guitar sound he uses martin guitars, they're very warm sounding.
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    Need information about this instruments of the Ghost Stories Tour

    Hey, So the first one is a sampler from Native Instruments the Maschine Studio. The synth used by Guy is a Minimoog Voyager and finally the drum pads are just triggers for a sampler like the spd-sx. They're the PD-128-BC by Roland.
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    [2017-7-16] Stade de France, Paris, France

    "We're gonna go away for 2 years or so.. But we'll be back here again, I promise!" One big band, one big band! JUST BELIEVE IN :heart:
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    [2017-6-8] Parc Olympique Lyonnais, Lyon, France

    Actually Chris's improv is always done while the rest of the band walks back to the mainstage. Sometimes he talks or sings. The request song was skipped because the concert started about 15' late. There was a problem with some lighting fixtures in the right side of the stage.
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    [2017-6-6] Olympiastadium, Munich, Germany

    Phil's always with them he works with the production office during the tours!
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    Increased safety measures at all European shows: no bags allowed

    At least for the Lyon date the stadium has issued a policy that bags are not allowed (with exception an to fanny packs)
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    Increased safety measures at all European shows: no bags allowed

    For tomorrow's concert in Lyon, France all pro cameras are banned (reflex, gopro etc)
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    Increased safety measures at all European shows: no bags allowed

    They will be surely be applied for the European leg. In the US there are different safety rules/guides and there haven't been terrorist attacks so they might differ.
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    [2017-6-8] Parc Olympique Lyonnais, Lyon, France

    Tram hours have changed. They start at 17.00 but you can go with a normal tram (T3) and walk for about 15'!
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    Which keyboard does Chris use on the AHFOD tour?

    Coldplay have a really bad history with pianos/keyboards. Their early years they used a Kawai mp9000 (that's the sound we hear until today) From AROBTH to MX they used the Yamaha GT-20 silent piano (no actual string in it) But Yamaha stopped the making and the support for this piano and because...
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    coldplays new playback and keyboard rig!!

    Yes ProTools on both macbooks actually the whole system is double for redundancy. There's a switch that can switch from A to B (pro tools only or both PT and motu interfaces)
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    [2017-6-6] Olympiastadium, Munich, Germany

    They said nothing about not bringing beer bottles :p;)