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    Palladium´s shows

    As someone who can be hotheaded, I understand how it is to be pushed and say things you don't mean to say... But I was disappointed to see this. I hate those autograph hunter people too...and TMZ....and paparazzi.... ....but he could've just really completely ignored them and got in the car...
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    Any inkling if Champion of the World gets a video? It's my mantra these days...
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    I thought the same thing!
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    Unnamed LP9 Thread

    I kind of wish they'd just totally surprise every f-ing body on the planet and do some crazy hard and angry stuff across generations like no one's ever seen before. Imagine Coldplay cross Rage cross Rammstein.
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    Everyday Life LA Shows

    Even tho LA is in my country might as well be London! Given work and home responsibilities besides the competitive ticket process, it looks like it's not in the cards for me, so I will continue to live vicariously through fellow Coldplayers and also remember how lucky I was to see them even once!
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    بنی آدم (Bani Adam) - Sunset

    I must hear Sunrise and Church together, and same for Bani Adam and COTW. Chills!
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    Cry Cry Cry - Sunset

    If this song only had the chipmunk Gollum/Smeagol from LOTR voice singing the cry cry cry part only I'd like it a lot more. But when it sings with Chris I cringe. This is unfortunately probably my least favorite song on the album just bc of that.
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    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    This is amazing thank you...many of us will never get to see this era live so this means so much.
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    Everyday Life - press/reviews

    Where the hell is the RS review? Do they review music anymore? All I see on there is stuff I've seen for 2 to 4 weeks now. Get on it!
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    Champion Of The World - Sunset

    So I...heard about Frightened Rabbit after the tragedy, but never listened to them or Owl John side project until after I heard of this influence tragic, so beautiful, such a call for help, such blatant ideation. My heart is breaking. Now I get why Chris said if it went the other way...
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    Live at the Natural History Museum London 25 Nov 2019

    Argh I try to give the benefit of the doubt for the band but I gotta say. You limit your shows to 2 after you announce you are not going to tour for a while you are creating a nightmare supply and demand situation. Think before you speak!
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    LP8 Thread - Everyday Life

    I wonder if it is also too O.
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    Coldplay Charts (Everyday life)

    I think this is more of a critically acclaimed album than chart topping one. Intelligent, sensitive, globally conscious people like this album, and...that does not for an uber popular album make.
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    Church - Sunrise

    When I was around 8 I recall discovering Joshua Tree through my older cousin's cassettes, smuggling it out to my house, and listening to it over and over until I finally had to sneak it back. I felt like I had found sonic gold. I love that Coldplay always gives me a bit of that feeling, and...
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    Everyday Life - Live in Jordan on YouTube 22 Nov

    I know I'm not the first to say it, but MAN he just looks like AROBTTH era 2003 Live Chris.