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  • Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks :D xoxo
    As a fellow Coldplayer I hope you can help me out a little by watching my promo video? It can be found on my Facebook page/just press play -

    Thanks for reading. I just was hoping for a little more views out of the video along with a few more likes when I released it. Trying to gain some more support. Feedback is always great even if you hate it. I know I'm acting a little like a spambot but your my only hope!
    Hiya, wow it sounds like we have a lot in common... I live in center city, grew up in King of Prussia. Glad you liked my pics/slideshow, I had a blast last summer going to all the shows. Maybe we'll see each other when they come back around, hopefully in 2011! Dian
    he's awesome musician skills. :p
    i'm not exactly a chrissy girl, more to an all-rounder. i love all of them!
    but for me the handsomest would have to be guy. :cheesy:
    It's no problem. :)

    Actually, the photo just intrigued me because I have a similar handshape (he must have a double-jointed thumb?). No, I'm not a fan-girl (not that there's anything wrong with that :)). I'm just observant :\

    If you find it, though, let me know. Thanks!
    hey, just saw your post in the dvd thread, it's very shocking, glad the video will make you feel at least a bit better, hugs
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