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  • I'll try i'll definitely try i can't live without meeting him in this entire life.:lol:I have to atleast meet him once that's so enough for me.;)

    And oh you're welcome.:)
    oh yeah i love Chris so much.I hope i get to meet him like you soon.

    And i am inviting you for my group.
    Well :laugh3: don't take it seriously now i removed it because i even understood that you'll never read your profile page...so i removed it.Because if i write something back in months and you suddenly see it you could not understand anything.

    So well you met Chris two times that's incredible.I am planning to meet them in the Shows i've next week.I don't know how successful i'll be but now i have only that one thing to do in a lifetime.

    Tell me whether you want to join my group if i send you a invitation.:)
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