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    Secret Santa 2015 #ChristmasIsComing (Cards are on their way!)

    Today I got a lovely package from Belgium. Thank you very much Nie! It's really awesome, especially your great "arts&crafts" and the photograph from Antwerp (and the very best Belgian Chocolate of course :)) Bedankt! Greetings from Poland and merry christmas everyone :)
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    CP FANS around the world

    Poznań, Poland A Rush of Blood to the Head :)
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    NEDERLAND of BELGÏE (The Netherlands or Belgium)

    Hoi allemaal! Ik ben een tweedejaars studente Nederlands van Polen. Ik ben op zoek naar een persoon met wie ga ik 'een interview' voor mijn les maken. Het zal niet zo lang en ingewikkeld zijn - iets over jouw hobby, muziek, Coldplay of zoiets. We kunnen dat door Skype maken. :) De deadline is...
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    Secret Santa 2013

    Yeasterday I came to my hometown and I had a great surprise - amazing card and label for suitcase from Canada. Thank you very much Chayim (cstring21) for those gifts and warm words! :nice:
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    Secret Santa 2013

    I've just prepared my package, hope my match will like it. :nice:
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    What Was The Last TV Show You Watched?

    New Downton Abbey episode. :D
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    Secret Santa 2013

    I'm in! And I'd prefere to send my card to someone in Europa to be more sure that it comes. ;)
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    Atlas preview (links can be found in the first post)

    That's what i wanted to hear!
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    The best way of spending your birthday. Thanks for sharing :)
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    The Coldplaying Scrapbook III

    Good to hear that. ;)
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    The Coldplaying Scrapbook III

    Pictures (quite huge :P):
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    The Coldplaying Scrapbook III

    I sent Scrappy tomorrow. :)
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    The Coldplaying Scrapbook III

    I'm alive and I'm going to get scrappy tomorrow :). Last time it was another package, but now I'm sure that this one came from Croatia.
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    The Coldplaying Scrapbook III

    I think so :D. My mum said that the package looks like it goes around the world twice. I can't wait to see it.
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    The Coldplaying Scrapbook III

    My mum has just texted that there's a package for me. I'm coming home on thursday and propably send it until the end of the week. ;)