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  • Ok Lucia! Will try to connect your name to your alias hihi. Might forget is still a couple of times :D
    Indeed a cold, wet, smoky and bad viewing concert for me, no matter, the reason for being there was the sound. I don’t mind smoking, but there was a pipe smoker in front of me smoking such an uncomely flavour all the time!My view in the direction of Guy was blocked by techniques and pink fat butterflies (okay, they are nice, but here on the wrong place)Even on the screens Mr.Berryman is rare.Well, view on x-stage and right side was fine: Chris running around.Maroon5 have to think about a song “Moves Like Martin”.Mick Jagger is out, isn’t he?This morning in our radio channel they made mention of the concert last night and thought it was important to say that “Mr. Martin had to start one song again.” What’s that? Nothing else to report about? Of course I had noticed that, thought they were joking somehow. Who cares, it’s live!Sorry, you’re the one who had to read all my anger now. What’s about you? Have you been at show, when, what was it like? kind regards :)
    Hi, nice to find your answer now. I was just looking for
    news and pics from the concert in Munich here in the forum. My camera didn't cope with the rain - but Coldplay did!They were great!Speed of Sound on the outside stage!The crowd was a bit frozen (it was about 14 degrees),but with Yellow they waked up then.A really amazing show...
    And thanks for your friendrequest :)
    Finally I want to say hello! Fine to meet someone who has joined in here a few years ago!
    Haha, well thank you for thanking me for thanking you. :p
    Yeah you're welcome, I liked your review. It's always nice to read concert stories, especially when someone had a good time.
    And you're going twice, that's amazing! Have fun on Friday. :)
    Everything is as well as can be expected! LOL.. I am back to work today after a week off, so feeling a bit ..ugh.. but other than that, fine. Hope you are too.. THREE messages from you. I even sent you an email! LOL.. I am sorry for pestering you. We were thinking of you.. xx glad you had a nice break.
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