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  • Since I'm bat :)awesome:) at starting with conversations I'll just post this video instead:

    watch from 2:40 onwards to see some very cute buckin :wacky:
    Hello, if you're interested in playing an RPG-like game on short notice, please check out the Coldplaying Game Night thread in The Lounge as I am organizing one right now Hope to see you there! :)
    Ellen, thank you so much for my Secret Santa goodies!! so sweet of you, Merry merry Christmas!
    Was the "V. That is all." already there before you got the kitty avatar? Because now it's freaking hilarious in the context :lol:
    Okay so I had a random brainfart last night and decided to spread some kitty love in this forum during the next 2 weeks until Christmas. And with that I mean making cat avatars for the coolest persons of my friendlist, but not just some lame-ass-cute-fluffy-cat avatars but awesome freaky RIGHT-IN-YO-FACE ones like my one :awesome: So I'm asking you if you want to take part in my insane kitten project and replace your avatar for about 2 weeks with one of mine (you can say what colour you want your kitteh to be :wacko:) just for the LULZ (and to confuse the other members about why in God's name there are so many freaky kittens around :wacky:)

    SO ARE YE INTERESTED :wideeyed:
    Hiya! I'm Molly! I realise your also a Chrissy fangirl and up for biggest Chris fan 2012. I am too and am sure we'd both be extremely honoured with the award, I do think you'll win but I will keep trying, anyway good luck with the award:hug:
    Aw thank you so much that means so much! More than you know.. I actually have started writing books and I do love writing, I'm majoring in journalism. When people say stuff like that to me it means so much, its a big motivator so thank you. You deserved to be told all those things.
    Hello friend, thank you for asking I'm doing great actually, life is great, cannot complain. I hope your not too busy, dont let these exams overwhelm you. When you put your whole heart and soul into it, its worth it in the end and we feel so good about it, knowing that we can accomplish anything and nothing is too big for us to handle. Just wake up everyday and have an attitude to face life with a positive attitude and to not let the small stuff get to you because when you really think about it there really is nothing to complain about. Everything happens for a reason and we learn from that, rather its easy or hard its a life lesson that only makes us stronger.
    Hello Ellen sweetie!! Just wanted to drop by and hello and see how you were doing! Hope all is well with you! I love my Coldplayer family <3 Everybody is so sweet on here it warms my heart! Take care hun!
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