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  • :lol: I wanted something simple but I couldn't think of anything cool for ages so I just went with my own name. I think changing my avatar and my name might have confused some people though! :laugh3: :uhoh:
    Well, it's only temporary, I'll get back to mine in a couple of weeks. I just can't abandon my butterfly hat forever :lol:
    hahaha !:lol:
    I would have appreciated it if they had let Phil talk, and to get more interesting stuff in the "interviews" parts. And more songs, obviously. But overall I had an awesome time watching it. I'm definitely biased, though, cause most of the footage was from the concert I went to :lol:
    Ah, in our country only some universities have their own exams that you have to pass to get into the course. I'm applying to 4 different universities, but only one of them requires me to pass an exam.
    I'm really looking forward to going to university, but I'm also worried that my grades won't be good enough. I'm doing really well in maths, and I wrote a great personal statement so I'm relying on that being enough to get me in to the universities of my choice.
    Woah, good luck! I have my final exams next year in May/June, but I also have ones coming up in January which I'm currently studying for. What do you plan to do after you finish school? I'm hopefully going to go to university to study maths.
    It's amazing!
    Between some songs, for like 5 minutes you hear a band member talking about life on tour etc, while you see some backstage footage. Apart from a few things, what they say isn't that interesting (by that I mean that if you've read/listened to some interviews this era, I don't think you'll get any surprises). During these parts, it's really what you see that is great, imo. I tell you all this so that you don't get disappointed by it. I knew it before going, this way I didn't expect revelations or anything like it and enjoyed it more than I would have if I didn't know. :)
    I kept meaning to change my avatar for a long time but I could never think of anything good :lol: I wanted it to be something related to something that I like, but not Coldplay-related. Finally I settled on this one. Do you know where it's from? :p
    Ahah thank you! I'm a massive fan boy so I have a lot to say and opinions on everything (which is not always a good thing). Thanks a lot for the request though, bout time I started adding some friends on here :D
    I'm fine thanks. Sadly I have just returned to college and I'm a bit worried about exam results and all that, but I think I'll be fine.
    Yes, when I zoomed I did find myself :awesome: But I look awful! At that moment I raised my hands and totally Woooo-ed at Miller, but when I saw the panorama I realized I didn't smile! So my face looks awful :disappointed: But omg I am in the panorama :awesome:
    Thank you! :wacky: I'll definitely see them again, I really am motivated for that, even if it has to take years! :nod:
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