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  • What do you do? You said something about computers once and then fish. :uhoh: :lol:

    Oh....I kinda wanted to spam his email with Viagra ads. :lol:
    Maybe you should try to find something that better suits you. :wacko:

    Hey, what's your relationship with this John guy, and do you have his email? :mellow:
    Alright. :nice: *hugs*

    Lol! Aw that sucks soooo much. Lol, I thought of you when I was grocery shopping the other day, there was a butcher hacking at a huge chunk of beef who had a nametag on that said "Nick" Xp
    Well what's your problem? I'll listen if you want. :nice:

    We should start a fund to buy you a new truck. :smug:
    I think I know why, too...I just feel so confused...this one guy's one of my best friends, and he gave me his best friend's phone number so I could text the both of them. I kind of had a thing with the first guy, but got over him, and now his best friend likes me a lot. Apparently I said something on Twitter, I don't know what and the first guy won't say, that was mean towards the second guy and is mad that I 'insulted his best friend' and now his best friend is mad at me, too? I text the first guy to try and figure out what I can do to fix the problem, and his best friend has baseball, so I'm not sure if he'll reply.

    Sorry. :uhoh:

    That's still cool though, I love old trucks. :wacko: You should add a lift kit to it. :heart:
    I seem to be making everyone I know mad lately, and I just want everyone to be happy. I ask what's wrong and they won't tell me. I'm just so confused. :shame:

    You have a truck? :wacko: What kind? /nerd/ Haha, that's a really good quote lol.
    Some girls in my year fail and take it as nothing. There's one girl who's a complete fool. She thinks it's somehow cool to fail :bigcry: WTF! no.

    NO :blank: don't grow it out then.
    grow a beard instead :awesome:

    i have to go to bed nows D: you better had a beard when i wake up *shakes fist"

    Goodnight :hug:
    I hate failing, i don't think i have failed a test before...and i never want to.
    But he probably has loads of students throughout the year..but that is pretty oblivious :uhoh:
    I'd love to do some classes like that, it would give me a better idea of what i want to do in my future.

    Yessumms it is :nice:

    :laugh4: and then the ladies would flock to you, gotta get that reputation.
    would it be curly?
    no one likes a long straight haired busker :blank:
    that's so much money D: like insane amounts. My parents said that if i really wanted to study in the uk or the states i could but i think the costs would hold me back.

    I really could be getting better marks in school, but i don't study much :uhoh:
    you know a few A's, than mainly B's and C's.

    That's quite awesome how someone can have such a huge affect on your life.
    wait a minute?! Human behaviour class? :wtf:
    we have the basic
    english, irish, maths, history, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, business, accounting, art, music, home ec, french and german to choose from.
    that's all.
    High school first, sure you never know after a while i could go on to be a lecturer. :smug: ...but probably not.

    :laugh4: you could go busking....but you'd have to grow out your hair first :thinking: it just works better.
    They don't rank colleges that much here. Some pretentious people here feel that the bigger Universities like Trinity are better but it depends on the course itself.

    Psychology, god you must have gotten really high grades.
    Well, it's that way over here. You need A's and B's at honours to get into the course.

    Yes :smug: I love it tbh.
    and i've been thinking about teaching for ages, so tis all goood :nice:

    Christ, that's far D:
    i'd only be about a hundred miles or so. It's not that far.
    Yeah, you'll so make friends easily...:shifty:

    i jokes i jokes.
    I know :bigcry: she told me i had to go to before 12 tonight, i'm not even that tired in the mornings.

    Oh, they're irish, then it would probably be good :nice:
    Jesus, all thst over a flag? yeah, that was a fucking waste of money.

    I hadn't heard of it before now...i'm sure someone here has heard of it. :laugh4:
    :wtf: That college has more students than the population of my town and the surrounding areas.
    30,000 students > 10,000 people in my town/ area D:

    What course are you doing? :nice:

    I was looking at secondary school biology and chemistry teaching.
    It would be for living costs and such. I would hopefully get a grant for the course and accommodation.

    I'm scared i won't be able to make new friends though D:
    I'm sorry for leaving quiet abrutly lasy night,
    my mom disconnected the modem. :wtf:

    I copied the reply last night though...

    Eighteen's young enough to be a child :laugh3:
    i'd love to go to an irish pub in america.... I'd probably just crictise everything there tbh.
    Oh good luck with those :nice:

    Complete fail at the spelling to be honest.
    Your moving out to florida..? No?

    I found a course i'd like to do today,
    but its ina different city so i'm going to try to start saving now....yeah, thats not going to happen :tongue:
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