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  • He always comes across as a very nice and intelligent man (and we don't have many of them in English football!), but he just paid £19million for a very average player... I think he'll regret that decision.

    I hope you make wiser decisions!!!
    Well, I don't know if you follow football, but I live in Liverpool. We have three football teams here and one is managed by a guy called Rafael Benitez - but everyone calls him Rafa, they don't even use his surname, he's just Rafa!
    I've been away for a couple of days and can't believe how much I missed this site. Things have gone crazy while I've been away - what's with all the mysteries????

    Oh, and I'm Alison
    I'm delighted - you're my first friend on here!

    Think I clicked the right button to accept you - please let me know if it doesn't work!
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